32 enjoyable fantasy soccer workforce names impressed by the 2021 2021 NFL draft prospect

If you need fun fantasy football team names this season, we have 32 awesome ones inspired by the 2021 NFL Draft prospect.

So, need some help coming up with a fantasy football team name? Well maybe you are in the right place. Emphasis on “can” because this is a list that includes only rookies from the 2021 NFL draft. Much like my 30 fun team names for 2020 NFL Draft prospects from last year, this list is a compilation of original nicknames for your fantasy football team.

Be warned: your team can be a winner, but not all of these names are. Fortunately, most players are offered alternatives, which is why the title says “32 Funny Team Names”.

If you feel that any obvious mistakes have been overlooked, please feel free to contact me and let me know where I went wrong.

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names: Rookie Quarterbacks

Trevor Lawrence: Lawrence and Order

Maybe he can finally bring some order to Jacksonville. (May I interest you too Lawrence and Repeat?)

Zach Wilson: Good hunt for Wilson

The “Zach” puns are endless here, so it’s not your fault if you settle for one of them.

Trey Lance: 50 Shadows of Trey

Fans of the books / movies and 49ers fans may disagree on the number to use. This can also be used for 49ers running back Trey Sermon, although he later gets his own team name.

Justin Fields: Fields of Dreams

I mean, it’s too easy, isn’t it? However, it would be a shame if the bears left Soldier Field.

Mac Jones: Game of Jones

There are way too many Mac word games to list here, so let’s stick with one classic. Fans of the hit show may have used this name before, although fans of a particular snack may prefer it The Mac that smiles back.

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names: Rookie Running Backs

Najee Harris: Najee and the Beast

Interpret what “The Beast” means at your own risk. A more kid-friendly name could do with honoring his incredible skills American Najee warrior.

Travis Etienne: Etienne, phone home

Google it, kids.

Javonte Williams: The Salvation of Javonte

Hopefully Williams will escape the worst situation in fantasy football: a running back committee.

Michael Carter: Carterassic Park

The Michael Carter name is boring enough so I tried to get creative. Not a hybrid dinosaur creative, but close enough.

Trey Sermon: Golden Trey Warriors

San Francisco residents can jump through the hoops with all of these 49ers-themed names.

Funny Fantasy Football Team Name: Rookie Wide Receiver

Ja’Marr Chase: Chasing Jam

The rookie wide receiver made SEC cornerbacks look like pre-magical monstars, but if that classic basketball streak isn’t up to your speed, give it a try The amazing hunt.

Jaylen Waddle: WaddleVision

Waddle’s Highlight Reel in Alabama is magical, although older audiences may prefer a trip back to 1984 From Jaylen.

DeVonta Smith: DeVonta’s Inferno

The former Heisman winner was on fire in 2020, hence the name. Any word play “with” also works. You can even consider it Star Wars: The Blacksmith’s Revenge.

Kadarius Toney: Toney’d For Speed

All aboard the Kadarius Express!

Rahod Bateman: Bateman starts Be

It’s not who you design, but what you do with these picks that define you. (I couldn’t think of a better quote, sorry.)

Elijah Moore: The big little Elijah

Don’t worry, there are an infinite number of Moore word games here …

Rondale Moore: Rick and Moore D

…like this one!

Terrace Marshal: Forget the Terrace Marshal

Recycle this from the days of Brandon Marshall.

Amon-Ra St. Brown: St. Brown Sugar

Not a Rolling Stones fan? Try out St. Brown-eyed girl.

Funny Fantasy Football Team Name: Rookie Tight Ends

Kyle Pitts: Pitts Creek

Yes, there are plenty of other words that rhyme with Pitts, but this is a family site.

Pat Freiermuth: Catcher in Freiermuth

The swindlers may want a better name, but all I can think of was F.Berg von Freiermuth.

Tommy Tremble: Tremble in Paradise

Would you like to take a look at the creative process behind this article? Just replace “trouble” with Tremble.

Brevin Jordan: stairs to Brevin

I’m not sure why there were so many references to 80s and 90s music. I wonder.

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