A house shared by highschool soccer meets within the 8-man championship in Colorado

PUEBLO, Colorado (KRDO) – When it comes to soccer, many players will tell you their team is family. But sometimes the pigskin can also divide families.

If Hoehne High School takes over John Mall High School in the eight-man state championship, a family will have an emergency plan, regardless of the outcome.

“John Mall all the way! If we win, I’ll already have found somewhere to stay,” said Heidi Dasko, HS Director of John Mall. Heidi cheers her panthers on Thursday evening in the CSU Pueblo Thunderdome when they compete against the Hoehne HS Farmers.

There’s only one small detail: Heidi’s husband Gabe Dasko. He is the chief football coach of these farmers.

“Our own kids said, ‘Mom, who are you cheering for?’ and I said John Mall, “Heidi said to KRDO. “They say, ‘You are such a traitor to Papa’ and I say, ‘I’m sorry these are my children that I have to root for them.'”

Gabe could hear his wife from the stands at the Thunderbowl, but it won’t be from the stands behind his team. But he says he’ll get it.

“She has to go to work with them every day. I know in her heart that she wants me to win. But she has to see these children every day and she has to support these children,” said Gabe Dasko.

“It’s more difficult to deal with him when he loses,” said Heidi. “He’s very competitive. If he loses, I know I’ll have a long night. If he wins, it won’t be that long. Of the two of us, he’s probably the most competitive.”

But when asked if Gabe would like to be in the same house after losing, he said he had a secret up his sleeve.

“I don’t mean to lose.”

The starting gun is fired at 7 p.m.

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