AIA is investigating highschool soccer coach Kerry Taylor over a tweet

San Tan Charter soccer coach Kerry Taylor said he hadn’t recruited any of the players he announced on social media in March after they moved to 2A school.

However, the Arizona Interscholastic Association board of directors is urging the school to investigate a possible violation.

Last week’s minutes of the AIA board said: “Shawn Lytle, San Tan Charter’s director of sport, discussed the investigation into a possible recruitment violation involving their head football coach. The motion was made, supported and promoted. The board stated that there was a violation under the AEI Bylaws and requested that further discussions of the San Tan Charter take place. “

Lytle said he was in talks with the AIA to find out how to proceed.

“If we have to report a violation, it will be on the next agenda in August or late July,” said Lytle, who is moving from Chandler Prep to San Tan Charter. “We have to adhere to the membership statutes.”

Lytle said he doesn’t believe Taylor is recruiting or “tricking” other players into joining his program by announcing transfers on Twitter after they enroll in school.

“AIA contacted us after another member school saw something Kerry tweeted,” Lytle said. “They wanted to know, ‘Why are you posting your transfers on Twitter?’ “”

Lytle said a since-deleted tweet from Taylor said, “When I announced a kid on Twitter, people see that and more kids are coming.”

“A member school sent this to AIA and felt they were recruiting,” Lytle said. “We did an investigation and the few transfers we have, none of them have been recruited in any way. We have completed the investigation that none of the children have been recruited.

“When I went to the AIA to discuss this, some board members thought it was still a recruitment. So we’re working with the AIA to see if there might be a violation. It’s a strange thing. We have no one. ” I can tell it has been recruited. I think it’s a new area that AIA is going through.

“(AIA Executive Director David) Hines said in a meeting that there is a lot going on on social media. What is considered recruiting? There are a lot of things that programs talk about. Does this entice other kids to move to their school? t a kid who came to our school because of what he saw in a tweet. “

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Hines has not returned a message to the Republic.

Taylor, who had traveled from Phoenix Arcadia last year to lead the San Tan Charter program when it transitioned from Canyon Athletic Association to AIA, said there was no child recruitment involved.

“The news I got is that I’m too influential on Twitter,” said Taylor, a former Arizona state and NFL recipient. “There’s a gray area. Some think I recruit, others think I influence people. The only things that get posted on Twitter are about my kids and what they do.

“What I was told was that when I announced that a child was being transferred to my school it would encourage other children to move to my school. I say my player is now part of my school. I am just giving notice Child is now enrolled in my school.

“All I want in the message is that it will be fair.”

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