Alabama Receiver Named Canada’s Greatest Faculty Soccer Participant

The highly anticipated 2021 soccer recruitment class in Alabama is finally on campus.

Fourteen members of the country’s number one class per Sports Illustrated All-American arrived in Tuscaloosa as early participants in December, and the final 13 arrived on campus last weekend in time for summer training that began Monday.

All newbies have now arrived in Alabama for the summer and will be training with the team. It’s nice not to have any academic sacrifices to worry about this year, and it seems like there won’t be any drama this summer if someone washes out after they arrive.

If you want a refresher, SI has a list of all the new players with a short blurb on each in the article linked above.

In the meantime, is kicking off its annual offseason series with a roster countdown by jersey #.

95 DL Monkell Goodwine

2020 season: In five senior games at Rock Creek Christian Academy in Upper Marlboro, MD, Goodwine collected 48 tackles and four sacks. According to the 247sports Composite leaderboard, Goodwine has emerged as the number 6 final defensive perspective for the nation for the 2021 recruitment cycle.

What he brings to the table: At 6-foot-4,278 pounds, Goodwine Prototype is 3-4 final size. With this it is projectable onto the five technique in the base and nickel and will also work inside in temporary situations. Statistically didn’t scratch A-Day, but Goodwine showed some twitching and motoring with limited pass-rush opportunities. Well positioned to allow rotation repetitions in the not too distant future.

Goodwine makes an interesting recruit as his profile is one that Nick Saban rarely recruits for a defense attorney. Typically, an Alabama outside linebacker / edge rusher is approximately 245-255 pounds, the standard defensive end is 290-305, and the nasal device is 305-320.

But the 265-285 range isn’t usually one we’ve seen in Alabama over the years. Can’t wait to see how Pete Golding and Saban plan to use it in the future.

Alabama wide receiver John Metchie was named the fourth Jon Cornish Trophy winner for best college football player from Canada on Monday afternoon.

A native of Brampton, Ontario, Metchie was selected as the winner by a panel of voters made up of professional scouts and the media across Canada. He received eight votes in first place and 94 votes ahead of Amen Ogbongbemiga (91) and Chubba Hubbard (44) from Oklahoma, Joshua Palmer (66) from Tennessee and Alonzo Addae (61) from West Virginia.

Roll Canada Roll! Between Metchie’s success and Nate Oats, who searched half the country for basketball recruits, our neighbor to the north has been very friendly to the Crimson Tide.

On to some NFL news:

Monday also ran a report from the NFL Network that Jones had asked the Hawks to act on him. Smith responded to “private conversations” when asked if this was true. Then he was asked if Jones had received a copy of Atlanta’s new playbook.

“Pretty cut and dried here: anyone on this roster has access to whatever we give the players,” said Smith. “No games are played there.”

Smith said he was not concerned that the situation with Jones would adversely affect the onset of OTAs, despite acknowledging Jones’ stature.

“We have so much respect and appreciation for what Julio Jones has done here for this franchise and what it means to the city,” said Smith. “But as I said, we are always talking about our roster. There are things that happen. You need to have contingency plans. There are so many things that can happen during an NFL season, whether you’re dealing with transactions, you are dealing with injuries. You have to have multiple plans to play a 17 game season and we try to get the best people on that roster so we can have great competition at the camp. “

Josh talked about the Julio Jones News in yesterday’s jumbo package, but I wanted to point out some of Atlanta’s coach’s “nothing quotes” so I could express my own thoughts. With Calvin Ridley turning out to be the number 1 recipient and possible all-pro talent with the recipient, the Falcons had two options with their fourth overall draft: grab a QB to replace and rebuild aging Matt Ryan, or stay at Matty Ice for another 1-2 years.

If you’ve chosen the second option, you’ll need every possible offensive weapon to keep the offense moving. Choosing Kyle Pitts as the TE / WR hybrid did just that. However, if they’re ready to talk about Julio’s move, it means the team doesn’t see him as a man who makes a seasonal difference who can help with his final pressure on a window to win at the end of Ryan’s career.

In short, the Hawks no longer trust his age and injuries from last season to be something he will bounce back from … and no team knows the status of his body better than they do.

That said, I could definitely see him dragging somewhere where there is an established WR group where he can be a bonus weapon when it’s available but can’t fuel the offense when injured.

For several teams, the players issued a collective message that they would skip the voluntary training for health and safety reasons.

As the Colts NFLPA player representative, Kelly spearheaded the Indianapolis approach.

“I had a decision to make, and I think the entire governance committee did what we would,” said Kelly.

The two-time pro bowler said it didn’t make sense for him to have online meetings for the OTA practices and then be back on the field next month for a mandatory mini camp. Colt’s trainer Frank Reich found a solution, said Kelly.

“Every team came out and said they weren’t doing OTAs,” Kelly said. “We never said that, and that also raises the problem: OK, you have a mandatory mini camp. I think some teams have put pressure on players to come to OTAs and the mandatory mini camp and that’s the only thing in our CBA that we have to go to.

“What are we going to do? Just do it virtually and then just wait until mid-June, come back, put on helmets and take unnecessary risks to carry out a ramp-up phase? We had this conversation and it was really Frank’s idea. I would like to appreciate it, but it was not mine. It was more: OK let’s bring it all up so we don’t wait until mid-June to come back. Give the guys Memorial Day and free and we can get in, the players can still set the pace because it’s OTAs so it’s still technically optional. And so I think it’s just the best of both worlds. We have a four hour day left. We can come in and test. They added testers to it to make it a little easier for us to come in. …

Ryan Kelly has been one of the best centers in the NFL since it was designed 5 years ago and continues to shape the league with his role in the NFLPA.

Detroit Lions defender Da’Shawn Hand has not registered a sack or a quarterback hit since 2018. However, the NFL team’s new defensive coach said the previous Alabama appearance in the 2021 season could have a huge impact on the Lions.

“When I walked in it was a young man we had a lot of conversations about,” Todd Wash told reporters. It’s my job to get him to stay healthy and prepare for it because physically and athletically he has them Chance to be a special player in this league. We just have to keep him healthy and we will do everything we can to get him on the field as far as possible. “

Hand ended all three of his NFL seasons with an injured reserve and missed more games than in the previous two campaigns.

Hand, selected in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft, became the Pro Football Writer for the American all-rookie team despite missing the final three games of the season with a knee injury.

The fact that Da’Shawn Hand still has a squad spot with his team 4 years later, despite having spent most of his career injured, shows how much his coaches value his potential.

Of course, we all said the same thing the fans said during his 4 years in Alabama …

In any case, we hope that he can really make a difference this year and receive the extremely lucrative second contract with the professionals.

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