All feminine referee crews make historical past in Texas soccer video games

“Hopefully [we’re] More girls are looking at us, seeing what we are doing and encouraging them to join us someday, “said Dallas referee Crystal Cooksy.

Dallas – Five female soccer players from across Texas made history on Saturday.

According to the Texas Sports Official Association (TASO), the Texas Six-Coach Association’s All-Star Game on Saturday in Wichita Falls will mark the first time in Texas that all high school college soccer games will be played by female umpires. ..

TASO is an independent organization providing support, resources, and training to high school and junior high school sports professionals in Texas.

Crystal Cook Sea of ​​the Dallas Football Official Association is the referee. Cooksey made history earlier this year as the first female executive to work in the Texas High School state football game. Cooksea served as a basketball officer while in college.

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“Hopefully, [we’re] Encourage others to join the game, more girls look at us, see what we do, and one day maybe we will join in, “said Cooksey. I said before the game on Saturday.

Referee is Jennifer Calhorn from the Weco Soccer Branch. She has also worked for Texas Roller Girls in Austin.

“I thought football would be fine if I could skate and be hit by people who stood out from the crowd,” said Calhorn.

Rachel Stephen of the Austin Football Official Association will be the main judge. She told the WFAA that she “accidentally” accepted the job.

“I’m a bachelor’s degree at George Mason University and I am [part-time job] The form and I clicked on “Official”. And I didn’t know what that meant, ”said Stepien.

Valerie McIntosh, also an Official Austin Football Association, will be the back judge. She is also the official lacrosse girl.

“I think this is a great opportunity to show football lovers that there are no barriers to actually being the third team on the field and being part of this wonderful community,” said Macintosh.

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Fort Worth Football Official Aimee Smith will be the linesman. Her husband, who is also a footballer, was interested in her.

“Coaches and athletes tend to be thrown back when they see women running on the field. You’re not used to it, but at the same time I think it’s great. There is no backlash from coaches or athletes. “Said Schmidt.

All five women told the WFAA that while running football they found acceptance and a sense of community.

“When we go out, we should be realistic. The people are not the best. Stands aren’t always the best. People don’t say the best. So we are ourselves. You have to be on our side, so you are literally a family, ”said Calhorn.

All female referee crews make history in Texas football games

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