Arizona Excessive College Soccer 6A assembly schedules for every group

The master plan for the 6A Conference soccer teams in the 2021 season:

East Valley Region

Tempe Corona del Sol

September 3: Mountain Pointe; P. 10: Notre Dame Prep; P. 17: Red Mountain; P. 24: in Desert Vista; October 8: at Skyline; October 15: Mesa; O.22: in Williams Field; O. 29: in Dobson; November 5: in Westwood; No. 12: Tucson.

Mesa Dobson

P. 3: on the Red Mountain; P. 10: in Alhambra; P. 17: on Desert Ridge; P. 24: North Canyon; O.1: at Mountain View; O.15: Westwood; O.22: in Mesa; O.29: Corona del Sol; N. 5: Tucson; No. 12: Skyline.


P. 3: at Cactus Shadows; P. 10: Red Mountain; P. 17: Desert Vista; P. 24: view of the mountains; O. 1: by Gilbert; O.15: in Corona del Sol; O. 22: Dobson; O.29: Tucson; No. 5: at Skyline; No. 12: in Westwood.

Mesa skyline

P. 3: at Casteel; P. 10: in Maricopa; P. 17: view of the mountains; P. 24: in Tolleson; O.8: Corona del Sol; O.15: in Tucson; O. 22: Red Mountain; O.29: Westwood; No. 5: Mesa; No. 12: in Dobsonian.


P. 3: Maricopa; P. 17: Marana; P. 24: Südberg; O.1: at Rincon; O.8: in Westwood; O.15: skyline; O. 22: Cesar Chavez; O. 29: in Mesa; No. 5: at Dobson; No. 12: in Corona del Sol.

Mesa Westwood

P. 3: view of the mountains; P. 10: in Paradise Valley; P. 17: Shadow Ridge; P. 24: on the Red Mountain; O.1: at Copper Canyon; O.8: Tucson; O.15: in Dobson; O. 29: at Skyline; No. 5: Corona del Sol; No. 12: Mesa.

Premier Region

Queen Creek Casteel

P. 3: Skyline; P. 10: Hamilton; P. 24: on the mountain Pointe; O.1: Higley; O. 8: on Queen Creek; O.15: Williams Field; O.22: in Perry; O. 29: at Chandler; # 5: on Desert Ridge; No. 12: Highlands.


P. 3: Centennial; P. 10: Cherry Creek (Colorado); P. 17: by Sandra Day O’Connor; P. 24: freedom; O.1: at Pinnacle; O.8: in Perry; O. 22: on Queen Creek; O.29: Casteel; O. 5: highlands; O. 12: in Hamilton.

Chandler Hamilton

P. 3: Desert Ridge; P. 10: at Casteel; P. 17: Bishop Gorman (Nevada); P. 24: at Centennial; O.1: by Perry; O. 8: at Chaparral; O.15: Desert Vista; O. 29: highlands; No. 5: Higley; No. 12: Chandler.

Gilbert Highland

P. 3: Boulder Creek; P. 10: Pinnacle; P. 24: Desert Ridge; O.1: in Desert Vista; O. 8: with Sandra Day O’Connor; O.15: Perry; O.22: Basha; O. 29: in Hamilton; No. 5: at Chandler; No. 12: at Casteel.

Gilbert Perry

P. 3: Desert Vista; P. 10: Basha; P. 17: on the mountain Pointe; P. 24: at Queen Creek; O.1: Hamilton; O.8: Chandler; O. 15: in the highlands; O.22: Casteel; O. 29: in Higley; No. 5: at Pinnacle.

Central region

Chandler Basha

P. 3: Sandra Day O’Connor; P. 10: in Perry; P. 17: Brophy Prep; P. 24: Shadow Ridge; O.1: in Valley Vista; O.8: in Desert Vista; O.15: Mountain Pointe; O. 22: in the highlands; O. 29: with Cesar Chavez; No. 5: View of the mountains.

Laveen Cesar Chavez

P. 3: La Joya; P. 10: McClintock: p. 24: in Valley Vista; O.1: Desert Ridge; O. 8: on Mount Pointe; O.15: in Maricopa; O.22: in Tucson; O. 29: Basha; No. 5: Desert Vista; No. 12: at Mountain View.

Phoenix Desert Vista

P. 3: and Perry; P. 17: in Mesa; P. 24: Corona del Sol; O.1: highlands; O.8: Basha; O.15: in Hamilton; O.22: Higley; O. 29: at Mountain View; No. 5: and Cesar Chavez; No. 12: Mountain Pointe.

Phoenix Mountain Pointe

P. 3: in Corona del Sol; P. 10: Brophy Prep; P. 17: Perry; P. 24: Casteel; O.1: in Buena; O. 8: Cesar Chavez; O.15: in Basha; O. 22: at Mountain View; No. 5: Queen Creek; # 12: in Desert Vista.

Mesa Mountain View

P. 3: in Westwood; P. 10: Valley Vista; P. 17: at Skyline; P. 24: in Mesa; O.1: Dobson; O. 8: on the Red Mountain; O.22: Mountain Pointe; O.29: Desert Vista; No. 5: in Basha; No. 12: Cesar Chavez.

Fiesta region

Mesa Desert Ridge

P. 3: in Hamilton; P. 10: Ironwood Ridge; P. 17: Dobson; P. 24: in the highlands; O. 1: with Cesar Chavez; O.8: Higley; O.15: Red Mountain; O.29: at Williams Field; No. 5: Casteel; No. 12: on Queen Creek.

Gilbert Higley

P. 3: at Williams Field; P. 10: Queen Creek; P. 17: chaparral; P. 24: at Boulder Creek; O.1: at Casteel; O. 8: on Desert Ridge; O.22: in Desert Vista; O.29: Perry; No. 5: Hamilton; No. 12: Red Mountain.

Queen Creek

P. 3: Chaparral: P. 10: in Higley; P. 24: Perry; O.1: Perry; O.8: Casteel; O. 15: in freedom; O.22: Chandler; O. 29: on the Red Mountain; No. 5: on Mount Pointe; No. 12: Desrt Ridge.

Mesa Red Mountain

P. 3: Dobson; P. 10: in Mesa; P. 17: in Corona del Sol; P. 24: Westwood; O. 1: in freedom; O. 8: view of the mountains; O.15: on Desert Ridge; O. 22: at Skyline; O.29: Queen Creek; No. 5: Williams Field; No. 12: in Higley.

Gilbert Williams Field

P. 3: Higley; P. 10: in La Joya; P. 24: in Campo Verde; O.1: Queen Creek; O. 8: at Centennial; O.15: in Casteel; O.22: Corona del Sol; O.29: Desert Ridge; No. 5: on the Red Mountain; # 12: Brophy Prep.

Desert Valley Region

Phoenix Brophy Prep

P. 3: St. Mary’s; P. 10: on Mount Pointe; P. 17: in Basha; P. 24: Notre Dame Prep; O. 8: at Boulder Creek; O.15: chaparral; O.22: pinnacle; O. 29: at Centennial; No. 5: in freedom; No. 12: in Williams Field.

Peoria Centennial

P. 3: at Chandler; P. 10: Millennium; P. 17: on Mountain Ridge; P. 24: Hamilton; O.1: Shadow Ridge; O.8: Williams Field; O.15: at Pinnacle; O. 29: at Brophy Prep; No. 5: at Chaparral; No. 12: Freedom.

Scottsdale Chaparral

P. 3: on Queen Creek; P. 10: on the desert mountain; P. 17: in Higley; P. 24: Saguaro; O.1: Sandra Day O’Connor; O.8: Hamilton; O.15: at Brophy Prep; O. 22: freedom; # 5: at Centennial; No. 12: at Pinnacle.

Peoria Liberty

P. 3: mountain ridge; P. 10: at Boulder Creek; P. 17: on Sunrise Mountain; P. 24: at Chandler; O. 1: Red Mountain; O.15: Queen Creek; O. 22: at Chaparral; O.29: pinnacle; # 5: Brophy Prep, # 12: Centennial.

Phoenix Pinnacle

P. 3: on the horizon; P. 10: in the highlands; P. 17: Tolleson; O.1: Chandler; O. 8: at Salpointe Catholic; O.15: Centennial; O. 22: at Brophy Prep; O. 29: in freedom; No. 5: Perry; No. 12: Chaparral.

Desert Southwest Region

Yuma Cibola

P. 3: in Imperial, California; P. 10: in Brawley, California; P. 17: in Trevor Browne; P. 24: in Westview; O.1: Yuma; O.15: Tolleson; O. 22: at Copper Canyon; O. 29: in Kofa; No. 5: north; No. 12: Gila Ridge.

Glendale Copper Canyon

P. 3: in the Alhambra; P. 10: Kellis; P. 17: at Camelback; P. 24: Maryvale; O.1: Westwood; O. 8: in Trevor Browne; O. 15: in the north; O.22: Cibola; No. 5: Westview; No. 12: in Tolleson.

Phoenix North

P. 3: central; P. 10: from Carl Hayden; P. 17: Alhambra; P. 24: Mountain Ridge; O. 1: on the Schattenberg; O. 8: in Tolleson; O.15: Copper Canyon; O. 29: Trevor Browne; No. 5: in Cibola; No. 12: in Westview.

Tolleson Union

P. 3: in Agua Fria; P. 10: Sandra Day O’Connor; P. 17: at Pinnacle; P. 24: Skyline; O.1: in La Joya; O. 8: north; O.15: in Cibola; O.22: Westview; # 5: from Trevor Browne; # 12: Copper Canyon.

Phoenix Trevor Browne

P. 3: at Camelback; P. 10: Maryvale; P. 17: Cibola; P. 24: in Verrado; O.1: central; O.8: Copper Canyon; O.15: in Westview; O. 29: in the north; No. 5: Tolleson; No. 12: at the Apache Junction.

Avondale Westview

P. 3: on Shadow Ridge; P. 10: on the edge of the desert; P. 17: La Joya; P. 24: Cibola; O.1: on Mountain Ridge; O.8: Valley Vista; O.15: Trevor Browne; O. 22: in Tolleson; # 5: at Copper Canyon; No. 12: North.

Southwest region

Anthem Boulder Creek

P. 3: in the highlands; P. 10: freedom; P. 17: in the Millennium; P. 24: Higley; O.8: Brophy Prep; O.15: on Mountain Ridge; O.22: Sandra Day O’Connor; O. 29: on the shadow ridge; # 5: in Valley Vista; No. 12: La Joya.

Avondale La Joya Community

P. 3: from Cesar Chavez; P. 10: Williams Field; P. 17: in Westview; P. 24: Agua Fria; O.1: Tolleson; O. 8: mountain ridge; O.15:15 Valley Vista; O. 22: on the shadow ridge; No. 5: Sandra Day O’Connor; No. 12: at Boulder Creek.

Glendale Mountain Ridge

P. 3: in freedom; P. 10: Betty Fairfax; P.17: Centennial; P. 24: in the north; O.1: Westview; O. 8: in La Joya; O.15: Boulder Creek; O.22: in Valley Vista; No. 5: Shadow Ridge; No. 12: at Sandra Day O’Connor.

Phoenix Sandra Day O’Connor

P. 3: in Basha; P. 10: in Tolleson; P. 17: Chandler; O. 1: at Chaparral; O.8: Highland; O.15: Shadow Ridge; O. 22: at Boulder Creek; O.29: Valley Vista; No. 5: in La Joya; No. 12: mountain ridge.

Surprise Shadow Ridge

P. 3: Westview; P. 10: Canyon View; P. 17: in Westwood; P. 24: in Basha; O.1: at Centennial; O.15: with Sandra Day O’Connor; O.22: La Joya; O.29: Boulder Creek; # 5: on Mountain Ridge; # 12: Valley Vista.

Surprise Valley Vista

P. 10: at Mountain View; P. 17: at Willow Canyon; P. 24: from Cesar Chavez; O.1: Basha; O.8: Westview; O.15: La Joya; O.22: Mountain Ridge; O. 29: with Sandra Day O’Connor; No. 5: Boulder Creek; No. 12: at the shadow comb.

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