Badgers Soccer Recruiting Director Saeed Khalif Leaves Program | School soccer

A collection of the most interesting quotes and thoughts from Badgers players and coaches during spring training.

A key figure in the success of the Badgers’ soccer program’s recruitment over the past five years has been the departure from the program.

Saeed Khalif, who served as the University of Wisconsin’s player staff director, has left the program and a State Journal source said he would take a similar position in the state of Michigan. The Spartans have just lost player staff director Scott Aligo to Kansas.

UW officials had not yet confirmed Khalif’s departure Tuesday morning, but he is no longer listed on the Human Resources section of the Badgers website.


For each of the last two cycles, Khalif has helped the UW publish its top-ranked recruiting classes in the Internet era, with the 2021 class of 247Sports, ESPN and Rivals in the middle of the teenage class and third at the Big Ten Conference Ranked.

The loss of Caliph is a blow to the Badgers, especially after the NCAA’s ban on personal recruitment was lifted.

Colten Bartholomew | Wisconsin State Journal

“Saeed is huge, especially during this time when the focus is on the guys who are here and the focus is on the season,” said UW Defensive Coordinator Jim Leonhard in November 2019.

“To have someone like Saeed and his co-workers to just continue these relationships. We don’t have that much time – you try to reach out to each other, you try to hit guys, you always make sure they are good, watch their games and talk to them. But if you have someone like that who does what he does, who is always trying to create momentum in the recruiting area, you need that in a program. If you don’t pay attention to the kids, they’ll get them somewhere. So you always have to remember that you always have to do everything and that Saeed brings great energy to football in Wisconsin all the time is huge. “

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