Baseball Video games Canceled Resulting from Constructive COVID-19 Take a look at – The Observer

The baseball team was scheduled to play four games against Western Oregon University last weekend, but a positive COVID-19 test caused those plans to change.

The next four games from April 23rd to 24th against Northwest Nazarene University will also be canceled due to the positive test.

The athletics department issued a statement saying the cancellation of these games is “out of caution for the health and safety of student athletes and staff”.

Athletics director Dennis Francois reiterated that statement, saying that they were merely following the guidelines adopted by the GNAC conference when they agreed to resume spring sports.

“Our conference has agreed with our institution to follow the NCAA guidelines regarding COVID[-19] Protocol, ”said Francois. “That is essentially what we do. Once we have a positive test within our Level 1 under NCAA guidelines and contact tracing has been carried out, we must make a decision based on the impact on that contact tracing and determine if we have enough players to continue, or whether it is safe enough to continue. “

Francois said after conducting the contact tracing, the sports department found the team had to be quarantined for 14 days before the action could resume. Once the quarantine is over, the team will be able to continue training and possibly games as planned.

“We’re on our conference schedule, so we’ve played our conference and we know this year would be a bit of that anomaly,” Francois said. “We made sure we had guidelines in place for the minimum number of games a team must play in order to qualify for the conference tournament. We found that at 50%. “

Francois said that the CWU has hit the 50% threshold of games and that the way the conference will determine the seeds in the tournament will depend on the percentage of wins. He also said he was confident they can get back on track in time to play their last two series of the season and that they have a good record of making it to the conference tournament.

Francois said the main goal of the sports department is to keep student athletes and staff healthy, and the protocols that are in place do so.

“Throughout the year, our primary focus was on the health of our student athletes and of course our coaching staff, as well as our other support staff involved in our programs,” said Francois. “This is a situation where we need to rely on this plan and make sure that our primary concern is their health and safety.”

If all tests are negative after the 14-day quarantine, the baseball team will resume action on May 7th when it is underway to take on the Montana State Billings for a four-game series.

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