Be a part of the BTSC 2021 Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Soccer League !!!

If you are an active member of BTSC and love fantasy soccer, this may be perfect for you. The battle for the rights of BTSC fantasy boast is at stake. Welcome to the BTSC Fantasy Football League 2021!

It’s a fantasy football league from, but the draft will take place right here on the BTSC site. On Monday, July 19 and Tuesday, July 20, the draft will take place at 8 p.m. in the comments section of the articles released at the beginning of the draft. We’ll go until 10 p.m. on Monday evening and finish whatever is left on Tuesday evening.

The size of the league depends on how many decide to join, but we probably won’t go over 14 or 16 teams. So it’s first come, first served.

These are the only things that are required to join the league:

  1. You must be an active member of BTSC. If you’re a frequent reader and at least the occasional commenter, this is perfect.
  2. You have to be active in the league. There’s nothing worse in a fantasy league than when you need someone who is losing to get into the playoffs and their opponent has three players on their line-up who are injured. When you join, we want you to play through the entire season, no matter how badly your team is doing.
  3. They must be available on the night of the draft. In the past, live mock drafts have been done in a similar way, and if someone doesn’t show up for their team to draft, there is more confusion and it takes much longer to go through the draft. If something happens at the last minute, have a list of your top-rated players ready to give to someone else who can draft for you.
  4. Make sure you are prepared by having some type of draft rankings available on the evening of the draft. We don’t want to see eliminated players or kickers in the first round and we don’t want you to move in already selected players. Remove players from your list when they are selected to prevent this from happening to you.

The default score for the league is not PPR, and there are small bonuses for passing performances over 300 yards and 400 yards. There are also minor improvements in scoring for team defense. So check the exact point settings before designing.

The starting line-up for each team consists of a quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, a tight end, a WR / RB flex, a kicker and a defense. The bench size is determined by the number of teams in the league.

The best part is that it’s 100% free. This is a simple competition that brags for the rights of the imagination only.

You can check out all of the league settings here.

If you want to be part of the league, here’s what you need to do:

  1. If you don’t have a fantasy football account on, create one.
  2. Either email me at [email protected] and tell me what your username is or put your email address in the comments section and tell me you want to join the league, I will then send you an invitation. Coral will not allow your full email to be posted in a comment. So if you post them in the comments section, leave spaces after each part of the email. Example: johndoe123 @gmail .com. I’ll be able to find out the actual email address and as soon as I see the comment I’ll send you an invite.
  3. Check your email for the invitation and join the league. If you haven’t received an invitation, let me know in the comments section and I’ll send a new one. If there is no response to the invitation within 48 hours, that place in the league will be open to anyone else who wishes to attend.

If you don’t want to be part of the league but want to participate in the draft, we need someone to be our official pick tracker. We’ll be using Google Sheets and have an updated list of previous tips. This will prevent players from attempting to draft a player who has already been chosen by someone else. We also need someone with a timer. We’ll likely have a time limit of 2 or 2 1/2 minutes per pick and someone needs to keep an eye on that. These are both things that individual team owners can help with, but if you’re out of the league but want to be of some help, these are a few options for you.

If you have any other questions about the league, please mention them in the comments section below. If you don’t want to be in the league but want to see what’s going on, you can watch the results come in in the comments section.

It’s time to get on the fun, BTSC! Who is in the most competitive fantasy football league there is? Let me know if you’d like to attend this special event by either emailing me at [email protected] or by commenting below.


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