Bob Cleverley All-Star Week ends with crimson staff victory | Highschool soccer

BUTTE – After four days of training, camaraderie, and fun, some of the state’s best high school football players qualified for the eight-man Bob Cleverly Class C All-Star Football game on a breezy, warm Saturday night in Butte.

The game, which has been a tradition in Montana for more than 30 years, has always been an opportunity to play. However, several attendees at this year’s event realized that the game means a lot more.

The red team defeated the blue team 34-28. Although only one team was victorious, the game remained a special experience for both sides.

“A lot of my family played in this all-star game. I’ve always wanted to represent Twin Bridges and honor the name, ”said Carl Shaw, who played on the Blue team. “It’s about continuing the tradition. To be honest, this game has been important since the fifth grade, it has always been a big deal for me. “

Shaw said he enjoyed meeting players from all over the state and learning to play with them in a short amount of time.

Despite the challenge of a new team in a new field and just four days of prep time, Shaw demonstrated the versatility and adaptability that once helped him become a star-level tight-end at Twin Bridges after starting his career at the center. This was supported by Brett Nordahl, Twin Bridges trainer who was selected to be the Defensive Back Coach on the Blue team.

“He actually plays guard in the All-Star game, which shows his versatility,” said Nordahl. “After we moved him off the middle this season, it was a big deal for him to see him score the first touchdown we picked for him. But my coaches and I loved it just as much. When we see this success, we also feel success. “

Nordahl trained at Twin Bridges for nine years and said his selection for the game was an honor. Coaching has created a mentorship where core values ​​are learned and carried forward throughout a school and throughout a student’s life.

He described Bob Cleverley as a man of high character. The traditional game that is played under his name also has a high character, according to Nordahl.

“Our goal when we come here is to be characters of high character that build men of high character,” he said. “Being selected as a mentor in this game is a great opportunity and really means a lot to me.”

Players checked out of Montana Tech dormitories on Saturday morning and participated in warm-ups and pre-game meals. Just before 7 p.m., the players heard their name on the Bob Green Field loudspeaker as the game was about to begin. Green was there too and was clearly excited.

The game was intense from the opening kick when the blue team recovered an onside kick. Fort Benton’s William Ullery found a gap on the outside and ran for a 30-yard touchdown to score the blue team’s first points.

After the success in the first attempt, the Blue team recovered a second onside kick and retained possession of the ball. But then they fumbled and the red team had the ball for the first time.

Bryan Mask of Alberton-Superior ran the ball well for the red team. Fort Benton’s Hayden Diekhans (Blue Team) also did well, using his wide frame to break tackles for extra yards. But the two defenses were evident throughout the game.

Diekhans, who signed for Montana Tech, gave an example of what he’s capable of in the second quarter. After catching a short pass, he yuked two defenders and ran down the sideline for a touchdown.

The blue team led by 22:20 at halftime, but had the opportunity to extend their lead after forcing a move at the end of the second quarter. After working the ball downfield and using good clock management to reach the goal line, the red team stopped after the time ran out.

In the second half, both teams turned the ball after their first possession. With strong winds and good defenses on both sides, both teams tended to keep the ball on the ground. Neither team scored a goal in the third quarter.

Scobey’s Jayce Tande found Fairview’s Garrett George to score the red team’s first half-time points. After completing the two-point conversion, the red team led halfway through the fourth quarter by 28:22.

Steven Links Jr. (Simms) tried to give the blue team the lead with a deep throw in the fourth quarter. But Drummond-Philipsburg’s Preston Metesh made a giant move, intercepting the pass and bringing it back to the blue team’s 15-yard line.

Layne Spidel (St. Ignatius) brought the ball to the touchdown and gave the Reds a lead with six minutes to go with 34:22. But Diekhans was unwilling to give up and scored a goal for the 34-28 Red with a 20-yard catch with two minutes left.

Shattering the blue team’s hopes for a comeback, Lucas Andersen jumped high to land a difficult catch at the 50-yard line in less than a minute. The red team burned out the rest of the watch.

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