Bob Dunning: Execs and Cons of This Faculty Soccer Rating

For a man, college football coaches say they don’t pay attention to rankings. Don’t believe a word of it.

True, coaches want their players to focus on the task at hand rather than worrying about whether they are in front of or behind Tumbleweed Tech. But everyone looks at the preseason leaderboard, the weekly season leaderboard, and the year-end leaderboard.

If you look in a newspaper, you will see stories of upcoming games that will play # 4 against the Colorado School of Mines
unrated Colorado School of Minds.

When an unrated team beats a rated team, the head coach will be the first to point out that “We just beat # 3”.
Team in the country today. “

Players, coaches, fans and every brother-in-law pay attention to rankings. Rankings are to college football what batting averages are to major league baseball.

When it comes to the Football Championship subdivision – the old NCAA I-AA – the level UC Davis competes at, there is
not a single reliable and respectable survey that everyone depends on.

What we have is a free survey with a multitude of surveys that are often out of sync with each other.

There’s the Hero Sports poll and the Athlon poll and the Coaches poll and the One Guy in His Garage with a Cell Phone poll.

My favorite is the Your Guess Is So Good As Mine survey that I do every week for anyone who’ll listen and invite me to lunch. I would be charging for my survey, but I don’t want to be arrested for fraud.

The last time I checked, the Aggies were ranked 17th in the Athlon poll, but they weren’t respected in the Hero Sports poll. UC Davis attends the Big Sky Conference. The Big Sky has 13 teams. The good news is that five of these 13 teams are in the top 25 of Hero Sports’ preseason.

The bad news is that UCD is not in the top five. Another bad news is that three of the five are on the Aggies 2021 schedule. But who knows, maybe that’s the good news. If I know anything about UC Davis football, it’s that the Aggies enjoy the role of underdogs.

Montana State and Weber State are ranked 7th, while Montana checks in at number 9. Eastern Washington is number 16 and Sacramento State is number 23.

The three the Aggies play this fall are Weber State, Eastern Washington, and Sacramento State. Certainly a killer streak, but with the last two games of the season at home against Eastern Washington and Sac State, the schedule is actually good.

And if there’s any time to impress the NCAA postseason selection committee, it’s during the last two games when every school in the country hoping for an offer says, “Look at me, look at me.”

In addition to the top 25, the Hero Sports poll lists five other schools that received votes but failed to crack the top 25. The Aggies didn’t make this list either.

Pinboard material, without a doubt. Based on the past few years, it’s hard to argue with any of the Big Sky teams that have received an essentially meaningless national ranking, but also based on recent history, it’s hard to imagine the Aggies won’t crack the top 25, before the regular season ends the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

You can bet on it.

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