Boston Faculty Soccer Indicators 14-12 months-Olds With Most cancers – NBC Boston

He may never get a pass in front of a full house at Alumni Stadium, but 14-year-old Jack Giorgio is still an inspiration for the Boston College Football team.

The teenager from Higham, Massachusetts is battling cancer and is now a BC Eagle.

“We’re proud of you, man. We’re glad you are part of this,” head coach Jeff Hafley told Jack Thursday when he first met his teammates in a Team Impact agreement.

The national not-for-profit organization brings children and college teams together for a two-year program that provides emotional support and helps them heal fully.

For Jack, shaking hands with these giant athletes made him “excited,” he said, although he added that it was “a bit overwhelming”.

Hafley said Jack was bringing a message to the Eagles: “Perseverance, struggling through tough times, don’t give up. Surrender, grit. Anything you talk to a team about and I think it’s so important for our team to see that, not just hear it. “

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