Butte faculty soccer participant indicators to play for BYUBY

OROVILLE, California – Tyler Little will be playing on the BYU Offensive Tackle this fall. It is the first time since 8th grade that he has played soccer.

The Butte College Transfer played basketball at Homeland High School. Tyler went on a mission tour for two years after graduating. When he returned, one of his friends persuaded him to play soccer.

“He said, ‘We need a guy like you,'” Tyler said. “That was heard differently. I’ve started thinking about it. It was something that I felt good about and that I felt really inspired to do. “

“When he said he was going to play soccer, it was a big surprise for us,” said Tyler’s father Matt. “I had no doubt that if he did he would go all the way.”

Tyler only played jumping ball at Butte College, training in the weight room and on the field. He is one of the few players who went through the program without playing a game.

“He’s different in a really good way,” said Rob Snelling, head football coach at Butte College.

Tyler sent films of himself to several schools. BYU was interested and Tyler decided it was a perfect fit.

“Honestly, it’s something I never really imagined would happen that quickly,” said Tyler. “It was cool for me to see how I feel like the hand of God and miracles in my life.”

Tyler is traveling to BYU this Monday to prepare for the season.

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