Cal-Wheat hires soccer coach | Excessive Faculty Soccer –

Doug Hinkle has been involved in soccer for a long time.

He helped organize a flag football league in DeWitt. He spent time coaching junior high school. He was also a freshman, sophomore, and college assistant to several head coaches at Central DeWitt High School.

Hinkle now has the opportunity to run its own varsity program in a school where a soccer team is being built from scratch.

Hinkle will be the Calamus Wheatland soccer coach this fall until there is a background check and school board approval next week.

After a sharing agreement with the Central DeWitt program was canceled earlier this year, Cal-Wheat decided to start their own team and will play with 8 players.

“A new program, from scratch, is a great opportunity to develop a program that can be successful for the next few years,” said Hinkle.

The biggest adjustment for Hinkle is to train 11 players on one field to eight. He’s seen a few games in Easton Valley in the past and studied some of the eight-player games online to familiarize himself with them.

“It’s exciting and a little different,” said Hinkle. “You lose a few tackles and a rewind on attack, tackles, and security in defense.

“In terms of the system I run, we have to change our games. You don’t have the extra players that you are used to, so you have to cut down the defense scheme a bit.”

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