Central Georgia highschool soccer groups welcome new coaches

Jarmarcus Johnson takes over at Rutland and Craig Puckett is Crawford County’s new head coach

MACON, Georgia – Two Central Georgia soccer coaches will be running their programs for the first time this fall, Jarmarcus Johnson of Rutland and Craig Puckett of Crawford County. They spent the summer getting their kids used to their style of football.

“We got in. I was able to get some good guys to come down with me and we started installing. I think we’re where I thought we were right now,” said Johnson.

Johnson comes from Mary Persons High, where he trained the defensive line. Puckett takes on the lead role after spending some time serving as the Eagles’ defensive coordinator. He will also coach the baseball team.

“It’s busy, especially when two sports are happening at the same time. I have some really good coaches, some coordinators who do a great job and help me and kind of take the load off us,” said Puckett.

Both trainers emphasized the importance of gaining trustworthy employees to implement new systems. Puckett has several Eagle alumni on his team. Johnson brought in coaches from Mary Persons and has the former coach from Tusculum University as his offensive coordinator.

“We have guys I used to train with. Guys who are former Crawford County alumni so it’s a good guy to put the pieces together,” Puckett said.

“They had a plan and were able to put it into action and move the kids and like I said, I think it works perfectly for us,” said Johnson.

Both coaches take over their predecessors after relatively short assignments. Getting kids to shop takes time, but Johnson said a small early hit never hurts the process.

“We had a 7-on-7 at Central and we had a bit of a hit there. You know how it is, you start to win a bit and everyone wants to be a part of it. Like I said, I think we” We’re going in the right direction, “said Johnson.

Crawford County will open its season on the road against Taylor County. Rutland meets Jeff Davis at home for the first week. The first week of the season is August 20th.

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