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College Football News Preview 2021: Auburn Season Preview, Prediction, and Outlook with Everything You Need to Know.

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Record for 2020: 6-5 in total, 6-4 in SEK
Head coach: Bryan Harsin, 1st year, (76-24 total)
CFN final ranking 2020: 21
CFN Preview Ranking 2020: 12
CFN final ranking 2019: 16

Auburn Tigers College Football 2021 Preview: Offense

It was one of the strangest parts of the Gus Malzahn era. He started with an attack that seemed unstoppable, almost winning a national title, and ended up averaging just 382 yards and 25 points per game.

There has been talent and production over the years, but there have been too many problems getting the passing game going last season and there haven’t been enough consistent big games.

New head coach Bryan Harsin knows offense – he worked as an offensive coordinator in Boise state and Texas before entering the head coach world. Mike Bobo is a seasoned SEC offensive coordinator – he knows how to train quarterbacks. Now the two have found a way to get more production out of a veteran group that has enough good parts to be a lot stronger, starting with …

– The offensive line. It has to be positive from the start. Five starters are expected to return in a group that wasn’t outstanding, but keeping the defense out of the backcourt was fine and was decent for the ground play. There’s size, experience, and some all-star potential, and all of that has to translate into more production with a great group of backs to block for.

The Tigers have the RBs. Tank Bigsby is one of the SEC’s best all-round backs – averaging over six yards per pop with a team high of 834 yards – and Shaun Shivers is a little scatback who’s great at finding the end zone. The O can and will immediately rely on the floor play, but …

– The quarterback situation just got really, really interesting. Bo Nix has not lived up to his enormous recruiting status and has struggled with his consistency and accuracy from the start.

However, aside from the numbers, he has a strange way of getting through sometimes when absolutely necessary. He looked good enough at the spring ball to believe he was ready to take the next step in the proverbial slow-things-down-for-third-year starters, but …

Welcome, TJ Finley. The LSU transfer has a world full of advantages, a big arm and the talent to possibly push nothing.

The real shame of the 2020 season was how the Offense wasted a great reception corps. Anthony Schwartz was one of the fastest players in college football, averaging less than 12 yards per catch.

Seth Williams and Eli Stove were excellent targets, and they’re gone, too. There isn’t a sure # 1 target – it’s almost certainly Elijah Canion, however – but there are plenty of good young players who got their feet wet last year and are now getting their shot.

– What You Need To Know: Defense
– Top players | Key to the season
– What happens, you win the overall forecast
– Analysis of the Auburn schedule

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