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College Football News Preview 2021: Air Force Season Preview, Prediction, and Outlook with everything you need to know.

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– What you need to know: Offense | defense
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2020 record: 3-3 total, 2-2 in Mountain West
Head coach: Troy Calhoun, 15th year, 102-72
2020 CFN Final Ranking: 80
2020 CFN Preview Ranking: 74
2019 CFN Final Ranking: 24

Air Force Falcons College Football 2021 Preview: Offense

– It’s Air Force, so you know how this works. The team has to run well to win, it has to control the clock and it has to be able to overwhelm teams with its style.

The offensive led the nation at 306 rushing yards per game, and the defense was relatively decent, but it was still only a 3-3 season because the O hadn’t lost enough losses to San Jose State and Army. And now there is a lot to be done.

– The Air Force is always being rebuilt – that’s how the Service Academy teams work – but this year it will really be a problem. It’s one thing when the Falcons have to replace eight starters and another when so many teams have so much experience to gain in a super senior season.

At least the backfield should be fine. Leading rusher Brad Roberts hammered out 461 yards and five points as a defender, but he was able to move where needed.

The top traffic jams are missing on the offensive, but QB Haaziq Daniels returns as a strong runner and good enough passer-by. Daniels and Roberts will clear up the 2-1 strike, but the offensive needs more lightning to come to light on the outside along with Brandon Lewis who averaged nine meters per crack.

– The entire starting offensive line starts over, but that’s nothing new. Again, the Air Force is used to caring for pavers to be ready as a full-size class, but again, this isn’t the year a unit that has been so effective needs a major overhaul.

As always, it is up to the receivers to 1) block, 2) catch a few deep passes per game, 3) block more. TE Kyle Patterson led the team with 12 catches for 205 yards and two points, but when Lewis is used as a runner rather than a receiver, the corps all but starts over.

– What You Need To Know: Defense
– Top player | Key to the season
– What will happen, you win the total prediction
– Analysis of the air force plan

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