Chris Rodriguez has been ranked as among the finest operating backs in school soccer

Jacob Noger | UK soccer ball

Jacob Noger | UK soccer ball

The addition of Liam Coen to Mark Stoops’ workforce got the Big Blue Nation going this off-season. After years of bad passing, fans can once again dream of big games through the air for Wan’Dale Robinson, Josh Ali and a group of talented tight ends. In all the new schema hysteria, the best offensive player in the shuffle, Chris Rodriguez Jr.

C-Rod slept nationally after never carrying the ball more than 20 times in a game in 2020, and still led the SEC in yards per carry with 6.6 (min 50 transfers). He was only pulled behind the scenes behind the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl. Pro Football Focus, a one-man wreck crew, named him the second All-American team. Now the outlet believes he’s one of the top ten running backs to return to college football in 2020 and finish at number 8.

Rodriguez finished the race as the second highest return of the 2020 season (92.4), finishing second after UNC’s Javonte Williams among the Power Five deficits as a percentage of runs that scored a first relegation or touchdown (41%). When it came to the inside zone runs that Kentucky loves so much, Rodriguez jumped nationwide to first place in the rushing class.

In Coen’s new program, Rodriguez is hired to work in and out of the zone and diversify his portfolio. The new offensive coordinator said, “It’s our job” to get Rodriguez at least 25 touches per game, whether on the ground or in the air. The cats’ next bell cow is slated for a breakout season in 2021.

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