Coaches pressure highschool soccer gamers to eat pork regardless of non secular beliefs: lawyer

Canton, Ohio – A lawyer for a high school soccer player in Ohio claims his coach fed him pork, contrary to his religious beliefs, because he did not participate in voluntary training. Announced plans to sue the school district.

Canton McKinley head coach Marcus Watley and seven assistant coaches were suspended from the Canton City School District last week after a 17-year-old boy reported what happened to him on May 24. It was. Report..

Attorney Ed Gilbert said Tuesday that the teenager and his family were members of the Hebrew Israeli faith and would not eat pork.

Gilbert said the teenager, who experienced shoulder pain four days ago and skipped voluntary workouts, was ordered to sit in the middle of the gym and eat a whole pepperoni pizza. He was allowed to remove some hot peppers and some cheese, but the rest of the pork remained, Gilbert said.

Gilbert said the teen would have received additional training and his position on the team could have been jeopardized if he had not followed Watley’s instructions.

Jeff Talbert, director of the Canton City School, announced a suspension of coaches last week. He declined to comment on the allegations Gilbert and his teenage family made on Tuesday.

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Coaches force high school soccer players to eat pork despite religious beliefs: lawyer

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