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Is it possible for a Mountain West team to make the College Football Playoffs in the current format? Colorado State Coach Steve Addazio doesn’t like the odds.

“It’s going to be difficult,” said Addazio. “That’s why I’m an advocate of change.”

Addazio entered the CFP expansion debate on Wednesday during a virtual press conference for Mountain West’s Football Media Days. He did not attend the annual Las Vegas event in person because of an unspecified “family matter” in Fort Collins. But Addazio spoke to local media on a variety of topics for nearly an hour to provide an outlook on the season ahead.

Addazio’s take on expanding the CFB field is predictable considering that no team in the Group of Five has cracked the top 4 since the BCS was dropped. But Addazio said, “I would feel the same way no matter where I was.”

Then he explained why all college football would benefit from having 12 teams in one title shot.

“More chances for everyone are good. I think it gets old-fashioned when the same four teams are in the playoff structure every year, ”said Addazio. “It will create a new level of excitement. I am in favor. But I’m also in favor of the shell construction. So I think the ability to weave the two is important. “

One notable opponent of the playoff expansion is Clemson’s head coach Dabo Swinney. The Tigers have reached the CFP for six consecutive seasons with two national titles.

“Our team is not for it,” Swinney recently told reporters. “You don’t want to play games anymore. And to be honest, I don’t know if 12 teams are good enough. “

Transmission problems. Three members of the CSU 2021 Signing Class entered their names on the transfer portal – CB Lathan Adams (Desoto, Texas), QB Chance Harris (Clovis, NM) and QB Luke McAllister (Palmer Ridge). None are listed in the CSU’s updated summer list.

McCallister, a three-star contender, threw 4,514 yards and 53 touchdowns over a decorated Colorado prep career. He is now required to play at Hutchison Community College.

Addazio gave no reasons for players leaving. However, in an era of unprecedented transfer movements in college football, he is not surprised.

“This is a new world,” said Addazio. “With the transfer portal at the moment, people want to go elsewhere for a variety of reasons. That’s great. You want them to be happy. … Whatever your reasons, you wish everyone the best. “

NIL changes. College football players cash in after the NCAA overturned their rules against athletes who benefit from advertising deals. Alabama coach Nick Saban recently said Crimson Tide quarterback Bryce Young is already nearing $ 1 million in sales.

“You know this is all recruiting, right?” Said Addazio in response to the news report. “For example, ‘Guys on our program, they make so much money.'”

Addazio began his criticism of the NIL changes with a broad statement: “I am all for giving children a chance. I definitely don’t want to withhold this opportunity from anyone. “

But he questions the possible “unintended consequences” if college football could become more of a free market.

“I think that can really lead to an uneven level of football,” said Addazio. “In certain places, I think that, as we are now discovering, can create a very unhealthy environment in terms of how much money and why it changes hands. … I would suspect that this could lead to changes in the structure of college football. But I do not know. There are many unknowns here.

“Where does it end?”

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