Detectives arrest the treasurer of the Seminole Excessive Faculty soccer booster membership for fraud

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On Thursday, July 1, 2021, detectives from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Officer assigned to the Burglary and Lien Unit arrested Elise Minzer, 46, of Seminole on a fraud charge. At the time of the theft, Minzer was the treasurer of the Seminole High School football booster club.

Detectives were notified by the Seminole High School administration that the booster bank account was missing approximately $ 15,000. Several vendors contacted the school complaining about broken checks and when an audit was conducted it was found that there was a lack of money.

In the course of the investigation, the detectives learned that Minzer, who was treasurer from 02/28/2019 to 04/30/2021, applied for and received an EC card for the booster account. Debit cards for booster accounts are against school policies. Detectives discovered over 100 unauthorized transactions on the debit card for airline tickets, alcohol, car repairs, cable bills, multiple monthly car payments, and more.

Through various investigative techniques, detectives confirmed that Minzer had used the booster account debit card to pay for personal items. A purchase of tickets to the Sugar Bowl was confirmed after photos of her playing the game were discovered on Facebook.

Detectives say Minzer stole approximately $ 43,000 through unauthorized debit card transactions over time and deposited $ 21,000 in the account after complaints about bounced checks emerged. The booster club suffered a loss of approximately $ 22,000.

Investigators met with Minzer and during an interview she admitted using the debit card for unauthorized personal use.

She has been charged on fraud charges and is currently being held in Pinellas County Jail.

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