Duran McLaurin, seventy-first hawk, centered on particulars forward of the autumn 2021 season

With August on the horizon, high school football comes into focus as we switch from the shortened spring schedule to the traditional fall schedule in North Carolina.

With summer training in full swing ahead of the first official training day on August 2nd, The Fayetteville Observer is checking in at each of Cumberland County’s 10 public schools to see their soccer teams get together ahead of the season.

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The Cumberland County Football Jamboree is scheduled for August 12-13, with the regular season beginning August 20.

Here’s a first look at Duran McLaurin’s Falcons set to face Terry Sanford in the final game of the Jamboree against Westover.

Discipline and the right attitude in his team are the priorities of McLaurin in this offseason.

Offseason theme

Like other high school football programs across the state, Seventy-First hopes a more normal off-season will lead to better results this fall.

As McLaurin guides the Falcons through the last week of July and training in August, his focus remains on “the weight room, fitness and getting back to true football form so our execution is where it needs to be”.

McLaurin is all about the details.

“I missed so much in training and repetition last year. To be able to come back here and really represent the kids and really get the little things out of the way – you couldn’t even focus on the little things last year, you were just trying to look at the big picture, ” he said .

“Now we can really dissect everything and find out all the details. We can work on all the subtleties that make our players offensive and defensive. This is important now. ”

The 71st Falcons will go through soccer training on July 15, 2021.

Summer standouts

After the Falcons put together a relatively young squad in the spring, they want to take this talent to the next level in the fall with improved experience.

So far, McLaurin said, junior offensive lineman Ashton Williams and seniors Issac Lewis and Jamieson Alston have set the tone in summer workouts.

McLaurin described Williams as “an offensive lineman who can play anywhere up front”.

“He worked hard to lead this group,” said McLaurin. “. … He’s definitely the glue that holds things together. ”

On the defensive side of the ball, McLaurin pointed to Lewis, a defensive back, and Alston, a linebacker, as players who “endured immensely” with their work in the offseason.

Goals before August

As the Hawks prepare to go back into the school building to study in person, McLaurin preaches discipline on the soccer field and in the classroom.

“Being strict on the grass will only help them in the building,” he said.

It’s all about sharpening the details and, as McLaurin put it, “letting these guys learn their jobs so well that they just take it for granted.”

“Things change when you put the pads on. As long as they know what to do and what their roles are, it’s so important to play task football right now, ”he said.

“All the details, the levels of footwork, to make sure they’re going in that direction, and going in that direction. All that stuff that we had to squeeze in a couple of weeks last year, we’ll break it all down again and start from the bottom. “

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