Dynasty Fantasy Soccer working again rankings 2021: Trey Sermon rises and a blended bag for Antonio Gibson

There aren’t many reasons to change the Dynasty rankings at this time of year unless there’s a deal like the one we just saw with Julio Jones. Most of these changes come in the form of changes to the forecasts for 2021. These are probably more important than anything, but they’re only part of the equation, so in general they don’t mess things up too much. Because of this, many of the rankings below look pretty similar to last month. Two of the exceptions are Antonio Gibson and Trey Sermon.

I could advocate moving Gibson up or down after the last couple of weeks. First we got reports that Washington was using Gibson more as a receiver in OTAs, and Ron Rivera said his running back would take a big step in its second season. Gibson was impressive as a rookie as a runner, but his 2020 recording production was disappointing considering how good Gibson was as a passport catcher in college. The reports give me hope that Washington was just trying not to overwhelm its newcomer and that he will see a greater proportion of the goals they gave JD McKissic in 2020.

That news alone raised Gibson’s guidance for 2021, which in turn gave him a boost in the Dynasty rankings. But the boost would have been even bigger if it hadn’t been for the other news that Gibson is still struggling with the toe injury that restricted him in 2020. All running backs are at risk of injury, but you really want your running back to be healthy by June. If that still hinders him at the beginning of the camp, we will have to talk about it longer.

For the time being, the news leads to a net positive. The bigger roll should last longer than the toe injury. This, coupled with the tight placement of my rankings from 14 to 20, resulted in Gibson moving up five places in the most recent rankings. If I had a win-now squad I’d definitely prefer Austin Ekeler, but Ekeler is at an age where we should expect his Dynasty to drop by the end of this season, if not sooner.

While it was a mixed match for Gibson, there really is no doubt which direction Sermon’s arrow is pointing. With Jeff Wilson injured, Sermon seems poised to start the year as the team’s number 2, provided he can beat Wayne Gallman. The fact that he shares with Raheem Mostert, who had his own problems staying healthy, only adds to the appeal of Sermon.

We expect the 49ers to be one of the most efficient running offensives in football again, so a 10-12 game on this offensive is more valuable than most. History has shown us that pretty much anyone touched in this crime can be successful, and preaching shouldn’t be any different.

I suspect some will have issues with how close Sermon is to Javonte Williams, and it’s worth noting that there is at least one level break between them. Sermon is as close to Damien Harris as Williams on Dynasty, more on that later in the week when I update the trade chart. I’ll also update where I would take Williams and Sermon in a rookie draft.

Below are my updated Dynasty running back leaderboards. These are a collective term so they may not reflect an exact ranking for your specific situation. As you build again, you should value the youth more than these leaderboards. If you’re a contender, a back like Derrick Henry or Chris Carson is worth more than if it ranks below.

So what thresholds, breakouts, and busts should you target and fade away? And which QB shocked the NFL with a top five performance? Head over to SportsLine now for fantasy cheat sheets for every single position, all from the model Josh Allen’s huge season called and find out.

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