Emergency information concerning the Perth bushfire: Firefighters are preventing in troublesome circumstances to include the hearth – as occurred

“We just found out that we were wiped out.”

Wayne Gidgegannup told ABC Radio Perth that he learned this afternoon that his property had been destroyed.

“We have 200 acres in Gidgegannup and we just found out that we were wiped out,” he said.

“I have cattle breeding, some horses that have been left there… we couldn’t move.

“We have owned this property for nearly 30 yearsWe raised cattle and sheep and horses up there.

“We didn’t live on the property, but it has a lot of memories.

“I had high quality Hereford cattle there.”

Wayne said it was him I’m not sure if any of its stocks survived.

“We couldn’t move her … there was no way we could have it. When the fires came we had to get out.

“I took the cattle to a higher level on Sunday evening. [from] an area that had been eaten up a bit, however We still don’t know if we have them or not. ”

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