ESPN predicts the outcomes of all 12 Oregon 2021 soccer video games

ESPN updated its Football Power Index ahead of the 2021 football season. The FPI is doing its best to predict the course of the season, both from team to team and globally.

The model forecast this year’s Oregon team to win 9.5 games this season. It offers duck odds of over 50 percent against all but one opponent (Ohio State September 11th). The Ducks have a 90 percent chance of winning five games in 2021.

The model also gives Oregon the best chance of winning the Pac-12 (40.1 percent) and representing the Pac-12 in college football playoffs (7.6 percent). Oregon only has a 0.4 percent chance of winning the whole thing.

USC is 21.2 percent behind the Ducks in the predictions of the FPI conference title, followed by Washington (15.1), Arizona State (9.6) and Utah (9.6).

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