Essentially the most memorable school soccer video games within the final 10 seasons

Over the years college football has brought unforgettable moments and memories to fans. From last-second game-winning touchdowns to bone-breaking hits, there are certain games in sport that manage to carry their own legacies.

Go over a 10 year period and you are sure to find a handful of plans worth remembering as some of the greatest moments the sport has ever seen. And as the off-season goes on, we’ve done just that: reviewed the movie and rated some of the top moments in college football since the campaign began in 2011.

Make no mistake choosing 10 games to stand out from countless memorable moments was not an easy task. When evaluating all factors – shock factor, influence on the season, athleticism and a lasting legacy to this day among those with the highest weight – these factors ultimately stood above the others. Some of the pieces that got heavily considered but missed the cut received honorable mentions below.

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Recognitions: Manziel Magic v Alabama, pt. II (2013), Georgia Tech’s blocked field goal TD return against Florida State (2015), Aaron Green picked up Josh Doctson’s tip (2015), Josh Dobbs picked it up against Georgia (2016), Grant Haley’s blocked field goal TD Return (2016), Saquon Barkley’s Rose Bowl Run (2017)

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