Euro 2020 Fantasy Soccer – The Closing

The Euro 2020 final is probably one of the most anticipated finals of a major tournament in recent history. Read on to find out how to choose your squad for this huge game.

Euro 2020 Fantasy Football – The final tips

Quick tips

Choosing the squad for this game may seem straightforward at first. With five free transfers in hand, most managers should have no problem getting 11 players. However, choosing the right players is easier said than done. You also need to think about the units available. The most important thing is to decide on a strategy. To be on the safe side, try to attract the best players from both sides and look for a balance. On the other hand, if you want to play, you can choose more players from one team. You can choose a maximum of eight players from the same team for the final. So you should decide in advance on a strategy and also the setup. However, since we will see the confirmed statements before the deadline, you should not confirm the transfers beforehand.

Italy vs England – Where the game could be decided

England will have its first major tournament final since 1966. Playing at home will certainly give them an edge. Gareth Southgate has made a change or two in his starting XI in every game so far. He could play against Italy as well as against Germany three behind. In the semifinals, Spain had a lot of joy on the left in the first half and attacked the right side of the Italian defense. Federico Chiesa and Giovanni Di Lorenzo struggled to contain attacks by Jordi Alba, Ferran Torres and Dani Olmo. If the Spanish attackers had been fiercer, they would actually have had the game under control. England could try to do that again. Luke Shaw and Raheem Sterling are playing well and Sterling could be the key player in this game.

Roberto Mancini will likely use the same system that he used throughout the tournament. However, his team did not play so well in the semi-finals. In fact, they were dominated by the Spanish for most of the game. Their midfield trio of Jorginho, Marco Verratti and Nicolo Barella have directed every game before but have been forced to work really hard by the Spaniards. England does not play such a passing game and their midfielders have different qualities. So Italy expect their midfield to perform better. It will probably be very difficult for England to get through much through the middle.

EM 2020 Fantasy Football – Selection of Squad

Since the confirmed lists are available before the deadline, you should then decide on the final roster. Having 11 starters should be the main goal. Kane and Immobile should start for both teams and you should have both. Then you need to choose between the 3-5-2 and 4-4-2 formations. It is advisable to have a balance between defensive players and goalkeepers from both teams. This way you can ensure points from a clean arc for both sides. For example, if you choose the 3-5-2 formation, you should choose two defenders from one team and one defender and goalkeeper from the other. It’s a safe way to play. However, if you want to pursue or play the top position in your mini-league and move up the leaderboard, uoi can then play on a team and only select defensive players from that team.

Draft Squad

Pickford / Donnarumma

Shaw Stones / Maguire / Walker Bonucci / Emerson

Chiesa Insigne Sterling and one or two from Mount / Saka / Barella / Jorginho

Kane Immobile and Belotti / Calvert-Lewin for the bank

EM 2020 Fantasy Football captain tips

Choosing the right captain is absolutely crucial for a once-in-a-lifetime game like this. Since most managers will have similar squads, the captain selection will likely decide the final ranking.

Harry Kane – Probably the safest choice. Kane has scored four goals in this tournament and as a designated penalty taker always has a chance to do well. However, will the veteran Italian center-back duo destroy him?

Raheem Sterling – Had a great tournament. Sterling will likely be the man who worries Italians the most right now. His pace will cause problems for the Italian defense. However, Di Lorenzo has done well in previous games so it should be a very interesting duel between them on this side.

Lorenzo Insigna- Likes to shoot from a distance. However, the English defense is unlikely to allow him to take many. Can also get an assistance.

Federico Chiesa – Likes to shoot even more than insignia. He has played more minutes than Insignia in the last two games. Interestingly, Italy scored in both games Italy played at Wembley.

Nicolo Barella- Is the most progressive of the Italian midfield trio. He can often be found in fairly advanced positions.

Jorginho- As a designated penalty taker, he could score if Italy were awarded a penalty. Only go to him when you feel very happy.

Defender – In a close game like this, you could lead a defender. A goalless draw after 120 minutes is quite possible. A 1-0 win for both sides is also likely. You could go for an offensive defender like Luke Shaw or Emerson who might receive an assist, or you could bet on a goal from a set piece. Maguire, Stones, and Bonucci are likely the most likely to score a header.

Overall, Kane is the safest choice for the bracelet.

The last word

It’s going to be a really fascinating finale. The Italians have a history of being in the finals of major tournaments and winning them. England, on the flip side, have home support and fate behind them. If they can handle the pressures of such a big game, they could win this trophy.

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