European prospects visiting and tenting faculty soccer powerhouses in June

The PPI Recruits DreamChasers Tour brings a fascinating group of interested parties from Europe to the USA, led by Top247 Defensive Tackle Hero Kanu.

“We have a handful of people who are just as talented as him,” said PPI founder Brandon Collier.

The DreamChasers Tour will feature nearly 25 players starting with Georgia on June 1st, Clemson on June 2nd, Mercer Camp on June 3rd, Alabama on June 4th, Florida State on June 6th, Tennessee and West Virginia on June 7th June 8th, Ohio State June 8th, Kennesaw State June 9th, Texas A&M June 10th, Texas June 11th, Oklahoma June 12th, TCU June 13th, Baylor June 14th and LSU on June 16.

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A look at the list.

Held Kanu, Germany DT, 6’5 295 ’22

Thomas Collins, Sweden, DT, 6’1 285, ’23

Theo Melin, Sweden, TE, 6’6 245, ’23

Lucas Simmons, Sweden, OL, 6’7 305, ’23

Max Stege, DE, Germany 6’5 255, ’22

Amaru Chikeme, LB, Germany, 6’2 245, ’23

Magnus Von Saldern, Germany, DE, 6’5 265, ’22

Zachary Nielsen, Australia, LB, 6’1 215, ’22

Yilanan Outtara, Germany, DL, 6’6 276, ’22

Kofi Taylor, England, LB, 6’2 215lbs, ’22

Aric Burton, DL, Germany, 6’5 215lbs, ’22

Djan Dedic, Germany, OL, 6’6 335, ’23

Samuel Ehret, Germany, DL, 6’4 221, class ’24

Philip Okonkwo, TE, Germany, 6’5 245, ’22

Magnus Moeller, OL, Denmark, 6’8 305, ’22

Aleksi Nahri, Finland, OL, 6’4 325, ’23

Andy Becker, France, DL, 6’2 245, ’22

Arnaud Burkel, France, DT, 6’2 285, ’22

Gino Akkerman, Netherlands, DT, 6’1 283, ’22

Moritz Oberhofer, Germany, OL, 6’5 285, ’22

Roger Zougbara, France, WR, 5’9 165, ’22

Tyriq Taino, Wr, England, 6’2 195, ’22

Dear Larsson, OL, 6’4 315, ’22

“We’ve talked to 15, 20 schools about Zoom in the past few weeks and introduced all of the guys,” said Collier. “Of these 25 boys, 15 will be Power Five children and another five to six groups of five. I look forward to showing these guys.

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Most of these programs have already offered canoeing, which was also selected to play in the All-American Bowl.

Simmons has offerings from Florida State, Louisville, and Penn State.

“He’s getting a lot of traction,” said Collier.

Collins has an offer from Penn State and FAU.

“He’s going to blow up,” said Collier.

Melin is someone Collier can’t wait for the trainers to see.

“I think when all is said and done he will be a top 10 finish in the 2023 class,” said Collier. “Good ball skills, goes well, especially, he’s going to blow up.”

Chikeme is another necklace that you juice over.

“He’s a crazy athlete, can run 4.5 with a 10-6 long jump by the age of 16.”

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