Ex-high college soccer star charged with murdering law enforcement officials in Alabama

A former high school football star was charged with ambushing an Alabama police officer when the officer came home for lunch, authorities said.

Javonte Cornuis Stubbs, 18, was arrested early Wednesday in the murder of Selma police officer Marquis Moorer, 25, who was fatally shot on duty the day before when he came home to eat at the Selma Square Apartments.

Moorer, who was shot in his apartment, died on the scene. A woman described as “significantly different” to the officer was also injured in the shooting and remained in critical condition, the WSFA reported on Wednesday.

Agents of the State Bureau of Investigation were “non-stop” working on tips, clues and interviews after the fatal shooting to identify Stubbs as a suspect, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said. He is charged with the capital murder of a police officer, capital murder in an occupied apartment and attempted murder.

Stubbs, who is being held untied, was a star football player at Selma High School, AL.com reported.

Javonte Stubbs.Javonte Stubbs was arrested for the fatal shooting of Selma policeman Marquis Moorer. AP

He was a senior last year and signed up in February to play soccer at Peru State College in Nebraska next fall, the Selma Sun reported.

Stubbs, who also played basketball in high school, is due on Friday, Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson told the Post.

Authorities have not yet disclosed a motive for the officer’s murder, but Jackson said the young police officer was killed in a surprise attack.

“That was an ambush,” Jackson told the Post on Tuesday. “He came home to eat and was there with his wife or girlfriend and someone outside came and shot him and shot her.”

Jackson said Tuesday he expected a suspect in the shooting to be quickly arrested at 4 a.m.

“These types of murders help destroy the community,” Jackson said. “Gunslingers need to understand that their mothers, sisters, and brothers live here. This kind of violence needs to stop. “

Selma Mayor James Perkins Jr. commended state agencies for “doing exactly what should be done,” while praising the community for providing advice on the case, AL.com reported.

“Get involved in the process,” said Perkins. “When we speak what we know, it really makes a difference.”

City officials are currently planning a memorial service for Moorer, the WSFA reported.

Mourners posted tributes on Moore’s Facebook page on Thursday.

Marquis MoorerOfficer Marquis Moorer was shot dead in his apartment when he came home from duty and died on the scene.Facebook

“Rise in Power,” was a message. “Never died … He just woke up in a palace of golden harmonies.”

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