Excessive College Soccer: Hatfield Leaves Jap View to Grow to be Battlefield’s New Head Coach | Secondary faculty

“[Eastern View] was the new kid on the block and we had to figure out who we wanted to be as a football program, ”said Settle on Tuesday afternoon. “It was the right choice for both him and our school, and 13 years later the rest is history.”

The Cyclones immediately got a taste of success by scoring 7-3 points in a row before going 8-4 and advancing to the regional title game in Hatfield’s third season at the top.

Despite the results on the field, Hatfield said those years were quite challenging.

“We really built things from scratch,” he recalled. “Culpeper had big problems for the last two to three years in a row before Eastern View opened. That’s why we’ve inherited a lot of young men who just didn’t know how to win and what it takes to do so on a consistent basis. “

The challenges of building a consistent winner became apparent in 2011 and 2012 when the Cyclones finished a combined 9-11. But in the following season the fruits of the labor of Hatfield and Co. began to ripen.

Eastern View set new standards for its own success in 2013 with a 10: 2 campaign, followed by the 10: 2, 9: 3, 12: 1, 11: 1, 13: 1 and 10: 2 next six campaigns. During those seven years, the Cyclones won five district or conference championships and one regional title. They also put together a regular season winning streak of 44 games, winning at home 28 times in a row.

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