Excessive College Soccer: Todd Grant Turns into Bangor Soccer Coach | Preparations

Todd Grant hadn’t really considered becoming a college football coach at Bangor High School before being asked about it by Rick Muellenberg and Kevin Kravik.

He was content with his roles, first in the middle school program, then as coach of Bangor’s junior varsity team.


But Muellenberg and Kravik had been the figureheads of Bangor football for years and knew it wouldn’t last forever, so they checked with their boyfriend if he was interested.

“That’s how it happened,” said Grant. “I didn’t go to them, but they asked me if I would ever like to coach the team and I decided that I would eventually.”

The time to transition is now.

Müllenberg resigned after last season, and Kravik, a longtime assistant, left with him. Grant was officially named head coach when he was admitted to the position at the Bangor School Committee meeting on Wednesday.

Grant, a special education teacher in the district and a seasoned baseball coach at the school, said to ignore any thought of the program starting over with a new approach.

“It’s about continuity,” he said. “Of course I won’t change a lot of what has been working for years. Not only in the season, but also in the offseason program and in the weight room.”

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