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Editor’s Note: These teams were selected by trainers from Frederick County. The news post is not associated with the teams or the selection process.

Selection of all public schools in Frederick County

Kyle Howes, Urbana, quarterback; Naseem Pacheco, Walkersville, runs back; Eric Kolar, Urbana, runs back; Jayson Houck, Middletown, broad receiver; Zach Keisling, Linganore, broad receiver; Cole Mitchell, Linganore, narrow end; Jeremiah Franklin, Walkersville, close end; Scott Hummel, Linganore, attacking lineman; Dane Wallace, Walkersville, attacking lineman; Chad Hoy, Middletown, attacking lineman; Chase Haught, Oakdale, attacking lineman; Alus Mbella, Walkersville, offensive lineman.

Alus Mbella, Walkersville; Defender; Zach Brady, Middletown, defense attorney; Chase Schultz, Linganore, defense attorney; Cole Mitchell, Linganore, defensive end; Jeremiah Franklin, Walkersville, defensive end; Vince Flook, Middletown, defensive end; Josiah Jones, Walkersville, linebacker; Conner Meyer, Middletown, linebacker; Drew Mullineaux, Linganore, linebacker; Brady Domroe, Linganore, defense attorney; Nico McDonough, Walkersville, defense attorney; Dorian Loretto, Urbana, Defender.

Quin Ruch, Linganore, Kicker; Jon Frishkorn, Oakdale, Punter; Jayson Houck, Middletown, returnees.

Gage Queen, Middletown, quarterback; Xander McClure, Linganore, runs back; Brady Domroe, Linganore, runs back; Jeremiah Franklin, Walkersville, broad receiver; Cam Dorner, Oakdale, broad receiver; Cameron Jenkins, Linganore, offensive lineman; KJ Brooks, Walkersville, attacking lineman.

Mark Lindauere, Urbana, Defense Attorney; Christian Rozier, Oakdale, defense attorney; Nick Vance, Linganore, defense attorney; Michael Wheeler, Oakdale, defensive end; Gram Gardner, Linganore, defensive end; Nate Wolf, Walkersville, linebacker; Andrew Hodges, Oakdale, linebacker; Ben Malley, Urbana, linebacker; Garrett Witt, Oakdale, defense attorney; George Childers, Walkersville, defense attorney; Trevor Arnette, Linganore, defense attorney.

Second team special teams

Nico McDonough, Walkersville, table football; Cole Mitchell, Linganore, Punter; Zach Keisling, Linganore, returnees.

Wylan Harich, Brunswick, quarterback; James Harich, Brunswick, runs back; Josh Hayward, Frederick, runs back; Jaiden Pritchard, broad receiver, Thomas Johnson; Josh Pratt, broad recipient, Braunschweig; Brian Jester, Tuscarora, tight end; Ethan Genos, Braunschweig, close end; Terrance Jackson, Brunswick, offensive lineman; Nathan Nedrow, Brunswick, attacking lineman; Jacob Cannon, Tuscarora, offensive lineman; Wyatt Davis, Catoctin, offensive lineman; Adam MoeZaw, Frederick; offensive lineman; Isaac Dodson, Catoctin, offensive lineman; Ben Pearch, Thomas Johnson, attacking lineman; Tyler Hove, Frederick, offensive lineman.

Terrance Jackson, Brunswick, defense attorney; Nde Mbah, Tuscarora, Defense Counsel; Derek Zepp, Catoctin, defense attorney; Connor Kock, Catoctin, defensive end; Brian Jester, Tuscarora, defensive end; Carter Hottinger, Braunschweig, defensive end; Michael Souders, Brunswick, linebacker; Amonte Green, Tuscarora, Linebacker; JD McCallion, Catoctin, linebacker; Wylan Harich, Braunschweig, defense attorney; Joshua Brown, Thomas Johnson, defense attorney; Travon Neal, Frederick, Defense Counsel.

Owen Jones, Frederick, Kicker; Ben Pearch, Thomas Johnson, Punter; Hunter Thompson, Tuscarora, returnees.

Tony Rakowski, Braunschweig, runs back; Taejon Anderson, Frederick, runs back; Travon Neal, Frederick, broad receiver; Brandon Evans, Frederick, broad receiver; Adam MoeZaw, Frederick, attacking lineman; Isaac Dodson, Catoctin, offensive lineman; Ben Pearch, Thomas Johnson, attacking lineman; Tyler Hove, Frederick, offensive lineman.

Nate Dedrow, Brunswick, defense attorney; Elijah Larbi, Thomas Johnson, defensive end; Opanin Amponsa, Friedrich, defensive end; Jacob Henderson, Brunswick, defensive end; Cory Core, Frederick, linebacker; Bronson Snurr, Catoctin, Linebacker; Sam Diaz, Brunswick, linebacker; Demetrius McIntyre, Frederick, Defense Counsel; Bailey Himes, Brunswick, defense attorney; Brendan Ott, Catoctin, defense attorney.

Second team special teams

Ethan Blake, Brunswick, kicker.

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