Excessive Faculty Soccer: Construct the Bridge Mixture an enormous hit highschool sport

Change your trajectory.

That was the challenge Kahari Hicks posed to more than 250 student athletes on June 23 at Build the Bridge Showcase Camp at Harry E. Winters Stadium in South High School.

The importance of his challenge was twofold.

Yes, Hicks – an assistant soccer coach in Cleveland Heights and founder of the Build The Bridge movement – wanted the soccer players in attendance to have a positive training experience in front of the coaches from about 30 colleges who came to the event to scout local talent.

But the event was much more than just football and much more than a positive development on the football field.

“Today is an opportunity to change your trajectory,” said Hicks. “Get to know something about someone you don’t know today. Find someone you don’t know Get to know someone who doesn’t look like you.

The Build the Bridge initiative aims to bring together coaches, players, parents, administrators and community members from predominantly black and predominantly white teams.

“This goes beyond soccer,” said Brush trainer Eddie Hall. “It’s great to see so many kids from different schools here, all wearing their Build the Bridge shirt. It’s pretty cool.”

The workouts were intense, from speed exercises to agility exercises to technique tips from college coaches. There were also skill competitions that featured 1-on-1 matches to showcase talent.

Coaches even came from St. Thomas, Fla., And players came from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky.

“That was critical,” said Hicks. “COVID-19 had a massive impact on university recruitment. Then we have third parties trying to hollow out families for a hundred, $ 200, $ 300, $ 400?

“We wanted an event where we could bring young men from different backgrounds together and introduce them to a range of universities.”

One of those young men – Mayfield’s aspiring junior Mikey Traczyk – was in the business of the linebacking unit. He said opening the colleges’ eyes is always a goal, but that day his personal improvement is what drives him.

“I’m out here trying to get better,” he said. “Coming here to do better for my teammates is number one. It’s a good competition today. It’s fun.”

Earlier in the day, Hicks tweeted that the camp was sold out – more than 250 student-athletes had already registered – and that list included not only athletes but STUDENT athletes as well.

“54 student-athletes with a GPA of 3.0-3.49, 75 student-athletes with a GPA of 3.5-3.99, 32 student-athletes with a GPA of 4.0 or higher. College coach will be recruiting excellent students here, ”he said in his tweet.

Lots of local faces were on site including South Trainer Matt Duffy and his staff, North Trainer Shawn Dodd and his staff, Lake Erie College trainer Reilly Murphy, and John Carroll trainer Rick Finotti, to name a few.

Many members of the South Administration were also in attendance, including Superintendent Steve Thompson.

“This is a great opportunity for the kids,” Thompson said. “Bringing all of these kids together through Build the Bridge is part of the goal, but also giving them the opportunity to go to college. It’s a great day. “

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