Faculty Soccer Information’ 2021 NFL Draft Rating By Faculty: The place’s UGA?

College Football News recently released its NFL 2021 Draft Ranking, which lists all of the teams for which a player has been selected in the past week.

Here are the rules per Fiutak:

A school receives 7 points for each selection in the first round, 6 for a second, 5 for a third, 4 for a fourth, 3 for a fifth, 2 for a sixth and 1 for a selection in the seventh round.

Georgia had picked nine players in the draft, a school record. Alabama and Ohio State each had 10 players.

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Fiutak took third place in Georgia with 40 total points.

Georgia had one choice for the first round (7 points), two choices for the second round (12), three choices for the third round (15), one choice for the fifth round (3), one choice for the sixth round ( 2) and a selection for the seventh round (7 points). 1).

Rival Florida lies behind Georgia, finishing fifth with 35 points. Other notable teams include Clemson, who checks in at # 6, LSU at # 8, Auburn at # 30, and Tennessee at # 35 with just 7 points and two draft picks.

The Bulldogs definitely made a statement on this draft and might even try to break their record next season.

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