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Last week, I unveiled my Opportunity Scores model, which combines some metrics for the strength of position groups with the best ball average draft position (ADP) to quantify which teams have the most chances for rookie wide receivers and Running backs in 2021. After Round 1, i looked into the opportunity A draft has been created for all wide receivers and running backs and a comment has been added in which ADPs are likely to move after the draft.

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Below, I’ll update the Wide Receiver and Running Back Opportunity Scores that were created in the second round. I’ll also go over the ADPs of the position group that each selection joins and highlight whether the rookie addition should be used immediately as a strong producer and should have a clear window on WR1 or RB1 status in the near future.


Moore was a possible first round pick that was caught by the Jets early in the second round. Moore was one of the biggest risers during the design process, with an early ADP in best ball leagues well over 250 and now close to 200. More joins a receipt that was added Corey Davis in the free agency, Denzel Mims in the second round in 2020 and has a very similar player in Jamison Crowder under contract for another season. The jets have minimal dead money and can save more than $ 10 million in space to reduce crowds.

The Jets are not planning a robust passing attack with Rookie in 2021 Zach Wilson below the middle, but the competition for targets isn’t very fierce when Moore can switch to Crowder’s slot reel. When we went into the draft, none of the Jets’ receivers had a top 45 ADP at the location, and Crowder’s ADP was in free fall when it became apparent that he might not be in New York for long.

If we weigh our weaker overall projection for the jets with a reception group looking for a lead dog, the opportunity score for the jets lands in 12th place on our scale. Moore may not have an opportunity to score a top 12 result in 2021 as the offense takes shape, but its medium- and long-term prospects are attractive.

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