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We’re in the middle of the NFL off-season and it’s officially time to start fantasy football prep. I’ll answer the biggest questions for the 2021 season. Click here to read the series of questions answered so far.

Last season that New York Giants scored more than 24 points in just two games; every other team reached this threshold on at least four occasions. This team didn’t look like a playoff contender for a second, as their -77 point difference was the fourth lowest grade in the NFC. All but one of the Giants’ six wins came with five or fewer points. That was everyone’s idea of ​​a bad football team in 2020.

Fast forward to 2021 and there is reason to be optimistic about this offensive. The Front Office caused a sensation in the independent agency by signing the Contested Catch Maestro Kenny Golladay, and they followed suit by signing up for the electric Florida WR. decided Kadarius Toney with 20th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Throw in the potential that this secondary with CB suddenly suddenly becomes scary Worship ‘Jackson Mating with incumbent # 1 CB James Bradberry, and it’s fair not to be surprised by the overall talent of this team until 2021.

The X-factor: increasing QB in the third year Daniel Joneswho struggled to stand out from the crowd in his first two seasons. There are a number of factors that drove Jones down in 2020 (more on that in a bit); In either case, he will ultimately be judged on whether he can improve his teammates and raise a contender.

What follows is a breakdown of what went wrong for Jones and his company in 2020 and what to expect from the Giants’ young quarterback as a fantasy asset in 2021.

Jones actually got better in terms of efficiency from 2019 to 2020

Difficult to be friendly with Jones in terms of his production last season in terms of counting numbers at all. Dak Prescott (13 TDs) found the end zone more than Jones (12) in nine games less to scream out loud.

Jones deserves credit for getting better grades in most efficiency categories in 2020 compared to 2019; The problem is, he still found himself to be a mediocre quarterback on almost every one of those metrics.

  • PFF pass mark: 77 (bound for 17th place among 44 qualified QBs)
  • Large throw rate: 5.1% (# 16)
  • Sales-based gaming quota: 3.3% (24th place)
  • Adjusted graduation rate: 74.8% (tied to No. 28)
  • Yards per attempt: 6.6 (tied for # 31)

The drop-off was particularly tough in Fantasyland. The former No. 6 overall pick was a popular late-round quarterback option in 2020 after a prolific rookie campaign that was only seen Lamar Jackson Earn more games with over 30 Fantasy Points (seven) than Jones (three): In 2021, Jones only scored twice more than * 20 * Fantasy Points, finishing it as QB24. My goodness.

The only reason Jones didn’t break completely at times was because of his (wait for it) sneaky athleticism. He gained at least 40 yards on five separate occasions in weeks 1-11 before injuring his hamstring. People forget that apparently Jones is the fastest man in the world.

Why did Daniel Jones stumble against the Eagles on his long run? He was just too fast. According to @NextGenStats, Jones hit 21.23 mph, the fastest speed a QB had this season:

1. Jones 21:23
2. Lamar Jackson 01/21
3. Jackson 20.86
4. Jones 20.64
5. Justin Herbert 8:58 pm

– Gil Brandt (@Gil_Brandt) October 27, 2020

After that Achilles tendon injury mentioned above, Jones would only win 20 rushing yards in his last three games as the Giants scored pedestrian points of 7, 13 and 23.

There were some hidden positives for Jones. Just Derek Carr, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson Get a higher PFF passing grade when aiming at a receiver at least 20 yards downfield. Jones also scored high on the PFF herd rating (# 11) and high litter rate (# 12) when he had the benefit of a clean pocket.

The problem was, Jones had less opportunity than anyone in 2020: just that New York Jets (44.9%) allowed a higher print rate than the Giants (39.7%). This is more of an accusation against the quarterback than the offensive line at times, but we actually see the Giants falling last in this metric when only counting throws that were triggered in less than 2.5 seconds.

Fortunately, not all Giants offensives will look the same in 2021.

Good for the Giants to get Jones new playmakers because that offensive line remains a problem

The bad news: The Giants will need Jones’ newly discovered guns to overcome the ongoing problems on the scrimmage line. PFF rates this offensive line as the worst unit in the league before the 2021 season. The essentials:

“The bottom line is that the Giants’ offensive line is a huge question mark. They need their young players to develop and their veterans who provide career years to be in midfield in 2021. “

The good news: Jones has a new BFF. The artist known as Babytron released 70-1.063-5 and 65-1.190-11 receive lines in 2018-2019 before being limited to just five games in 2020. When he is healthy, Golladay combines a sufficient height (6-foot-4, 213-pound.) ) and speed (4.5-second 40-yard dash) to give problems to every corner in the league.

Concerns about Golladay’s separability are likely exaggerated considering he has shown competitive fishing skills at the high-end. Overall, he joins them Michael Thomas, Chris Godwin and Stefan Diggs as the only wide receiver that has caught at least 60% of its contested targets among 81 qualified players since 2017. Nobody has had a higher PFF reception grade than Golladay (96.8) on contested targets since joining the league. It remains difficult to get excited about almost everyone involved in this crime

Then there’s Toney, who got some rave reviews in PFF’s NFL Draft Guide 2021:

“It’s players like Toney who make football the greatest game in the world. The way it stops and starts in the blink of an eye is truly amazing to see. He has the kind of flexibility and explosiveness in his lower half that allows him to break tackles in ways that I’ve really never seen before. As a result, he has broken 32 tackles in only 80 catches in the past two seasons. Toney was more of a gadget player early in his career and finally looked like a true receiver in 2020. He’s by no means a polished route runner, but he showed all the skills that are required to consistently break up in the NFL. “

We also have field-stretching talents Darius Slaytonwho should see plenty of time to move forward in three WR sets. Sterling Shepard Has always been able to cause some defense issues from the slot and should be the main starter there Golden Tate no longer in town. Evan engram can’t play much worse than 2020 and if he does, new under contract TE Kyle Rudolph is there to help. Throw the return of All-world talent Saquon Barkley, and it’s clear that Jones is better off for 2021 than 2020.

The only leftover that could be a big problem: Jason Garrett. I am guilty make fun of the clapper regularly over on the old twitter machine – but it’s warranted. Garrett’s insistence on making life difficult for this offense was evident throughout the season:

  • Game action rate: 26.6% (No. 14)
  • Print rate: 39.7% (No. 31)
  • Screen rate: 7.3% (No. 29)
  • Deep pass rate: 9.9% (No. 25)
  • Passing yards after the catch per completion: 4 (No. 32)
  • Displacement / movement rate: 44.7% (No. 22)
  • Targets open or wide-open receivers: 206 (No. 30)

Garrett failed to bring Jones and this offensive to success with any schematic goodness: no one averaged fewer yards per attempt than the Giants (3.4) when attempting passes behind the scrimmage line. Jones was borderline in 2020 on two things: throwing low and operating out of a clean pocket; the Giants failed to consistently give him the opportunity to do both.

Put everything together and….

Crazier things have happened, but this looks like a bad crime again

The two main problems Jones faced in 2020 were 1) his offensive line and 2) Garrett’s uninspiring game calls. None of these issues have been addressed. It’s nice that this team was able to upgrade the wide reception room; Just realize that this position didn’t even crack mine The three most important needs for the Giants before the offseason.

Jones is crowded in mine fifth level: “Realistic path to success, but hardly a foolproof investment. “ My QB26 right now, there aren’t many quarterbacks out there that I think Jones really deserves to be drafted before the draft. Thanks to emerging third-year talent who averaged a sturdy 30 yards per game last season; I find it hard to believe that with a sane version of Barkley this will be a focus of an offense again.

The ceiling just doesn’t seem high enough to warrant persecution. Jones was only the QB16 in fantasy points per game in 2019, despite having a robust 5.2% touchdown rate. It would make sense if Jones had a positive regression in the scoring department and recovered to some extent; That doesn’t mean he’s someone to be targeted in fantasy land. I would rather roll the dice for signal callers with lower drafting, such as Zach Wilson and Sam Darnoldwhich feels gross to actually type.

Don’t hate gamers; hate ADPs. The price for Jones is certainly closer to that lower limit than the upper limit, but I’d rather design a quarterback before that range of players is even questioned. When we see a shift in Garrett’s pattern and Jones’ efficiency at the start of the season, pounce on the waiver. Until then: pass.

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