Godby Excessive Faculty Soccer continues to deal with group and improvement applications

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) – No shortcuts are taken in the Godby High School weight room and practice range. Everyone is working hard for the 2021 season. Getting high school aged kids out of the house at eight in the morning to exercise is a tough job. But head coach Brandon McCray says his team’s leadership has stepped up to implement the required work ethic.

“We told them that the real testimony of a leader is how he influences the people around him,” McCray told ABC 27. “When they can get the boys excited about the work, not just the games, but the work that you have to do to be a cougar. “

And the work of becoming a cougar doesn’t stop there. Whether it’s handing out meals at a local food drive or helping out at a local track meet, you’ll see the Godby blue and white giving back to their community. The same ones who show their support every Friday evening.

“They get in their cars and drive to the stadium and watch us play and play and do our best. So it’s important for us to give something back and show that we love them for it, “said Trenton Everett, Godby’s senior linebacker.

Even future cougars are learning that it takes more than just being a good soccer player to make a difference during your time at 1717 West Tharpe Street.

“The middle school coaches here in town did a really good job making sure these kids understand what is expected of them when they get into high school,” McCray added.

Guys like Trenton see the results of that upbringing when the subclass members join the team. It made that transition easier for everyone involved. And the proof lies in the pudding.

“They hold on in the weight room. They correspond to the Cougar standard. But most of all, they listen. They listen to what we have to tell them, “added Everett.” They do what we tell them, they correct themselves and they do it right. “

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