Group chemistry the primary results of Badger’s spring soccer apply school soccer

A collection of the most interesting quotes and thoughts from Badgers players and coaches during spring training.

Isaac Guerendo felt it most in the weight room.

The nagging problem that plagued the retreating junior and the rest of the University of Wisconsin’s soccer team during the shortened 2020 season could not be overcome by getting stronger or studying more film. No number of reps in the weight room or number of sprints could fix the lack.

The Badgers were unable to build the team bonds that have been a pillar of the program for years, and the players felt the impact.

“It’s crazy because there are some little things that you don’t think they can do that much, but you know that all of the winter conditioning you have to lift one person per rack in the weight room … that spreads that bond,” said Guerendo.

Senior Safety Scott Nelson was in the final stages of recovery from a knee injury during training camp last fall, so he was physically absent from the team earlier in the year. When he rejoined the group it was a shock.

“You can’t really blame anyone, but it was very difficult for newbies to meet the older people and older people to meet the newbies and really become a team,” said Nelson. “I came back and there were a lot of newbies that I had never seen before.”

Every college football team has been hit by COVID and its restrictions over the past year, and even after taking precautions, the Badgers have been plagued by a coronavirus outbreak that affected more than 30 players and staff.

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