HHSAA is focusing on August so the highschool soccer video games can return with the camps opened in July

Posted: May 28, 2021 / 03:38 PM HSTUpdated: May 28, 2021 / 6:30 PM HST

Many Hawaiian sports fans keep their eyes peeled for the upcoming high school football season. HHSAA hopes to return to its traditional sports calendar next school year. That would mean the soccer training camp would return in mid-July and the games would start in August. These dates are subject to approval from the governor and the Department of Health.

“I spoke to Lt. Governor Green. He put me in contact and he contacted his team. We will work with the Department of Health, “said Chris Chun, Executive Director of HHSAA, to Rob DeMello of KHON2:” You have our data. They know what we need when we need it. He gave us his permission, but he needs to get approval from the governor and the Department of Health. “

If HHSAA can get state approval, it will push production for football as well as all other sports. Executive Director Chun says most league schedules will be ironed out at the track and field directors’ meetings later this summer.

“Our schedule is always set at this sporting directors conference, so we’ll be setting the schedule in a couple of weeks. The tentative date assuming all facilities are available, probably in two weeks with the deadline set. The governor and the Ministry of Health know that we aim for a start in mid-July. So we need a permit beforehand so that the children can start training and get permission to go back to campus in the summer. “

If the calendar from the Department of Health and ADs turns green at their June conference, July 15th is the day players can return to the field.

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