Highschool soccer in Airdrie lastly able to go

For the first time in nearly two years, high school football players will be on the field for a regular season.

The RVS soccer schedule was released last week as the province expects restrictions to be fully relaxed by July.

For Chris Glass, the head coach of the George McDougall High Mustangs, it’s been far too long for his players who have spent all of last season in practice and scrimmages.

“We did the skills development work and now you really feel the need to catch up to compete. I think you will see a little rust from all teams early in the first two minutes.” , and then people will remember exactly how to get back to playing this game at the speed they need.

The Mustangs’ first game will be a big test as they compete against the incumbent provincial champions, the Cochrane Cobras. The team’s second game is against rivals WH Croxford and as Glass mentioned, the game takes on a new meaning this year.

“We’re going to play for a championship belt. We have the Airdrie Bowl, which is always exciting, but we want to have a rivalry game between the two Westside schools so we’re going to play for a Westside championship.”

This Westside Championship is scheduled to take place on September 4th, while the annual Airdrie Bowl between George Mac and Bert Church is scheduled to take place on September 17th.

Last year, the RVS soccer season was canceled due to growing concerns about COVID-19.

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