Highschool soccer: Valdosta components with controversial head coach Rush Propst

The Valdosta Daily Times reported Thursday that controversial high school soccer coach Rush Propst will not be returning to Valdosta, Ga., Next season. In February, he was the subject of a lengthy filing claiming he was involved in the recruitment, misuse of money, and even meddling in the hiring process that initially brought him to the program.

The deposit is part of a lawsuit brought by plaintiff Leah Rodemaker, the wife of former Valdosta football coach Alan Rodemaker, who was sacked after the 2019 season.

Propst has a career record of 299-92 – 7-5 of which in his lonely season in Valdosta – and has won seven state titles in a high-profile 30-year career. He garnered national attention in Hoover (Ala.), Which starred on MTV’s popular reality show “Two-A-Days”. He resigned there in 2007 and was embroiled in controversy over numerous internal allegations, including manipulation and an admitted extramarital affair.

He was released in Colquitt County, Norman Park, Georgia in 2019 after being charged with malcompliance, inappropriate behavior towards students, dishonesty, and misuse of public funds and property. He reportedly gave pills to students “more than once” and owed nearly $ 450,000 in delinquent federal and state taxes.

Michael Nelson, who has worked for the Valdosta Touchdown Club’s booster organization for many years, said in his affidavit that Propst paid for the accommodation of two transfers and facilitated the recruitment of players with the help of college coaches, among other things “fun money” slush fund and meddled in his own hiring process.

Photo by Gary McCullough

Rush Propst looks on during an October loss to Lowndes.

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