Iowa highschool soccer recruits talk about loopy camp schedules

Kale Krogh, 79, who played a game for Ballard High School last season, is visiting five schools for five days next month. (Joe Randleman / Nevada Journal)

IOWA CITY – Ballard High School Junior Kale Krogh wants to make the most of his June.

The 6-foot-6,265-pound offensive plans to visit five college campuses in five days – Iowa State, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa, June 1-5, in that order.

“I want to get in as much as possible, take it all in and make the most of my June,” said Krogh on Wednesday.

Krogh’s insane schedule wasn’t born out of concern, though, despite the fact that the 2022 class didn’t get the most out of their summer last year after the extended dead time that saw all camp, official and unofficial visits canceled.

Ballard’s Kale Krogh gets a lot of attention in football, but also plans to play basketball and wrestle at the same time for the next season. (Joe Randleman / Nevada Journal)

But JC Moreau, owner and strength coach of Strength U in North Liberty, said he’s never seen dates as good as Krogh’s.

“I was just talking to someone from one of the recruiting services about it to ask what a few of our people were unusual,” Moreau said in an interview on May 6, having to drive the car and drive 300 miles and then go to bed and do it again. It will be mentally challenging for some of them. Others will be the same. “

Part of that, he said, is that the schools send the invitations out to the athletes, saying if they come they are more likely to get an offer.

“It’s like everyone’s in a rush to get as many children as possible onto their campus in the first two weeks,” said Moreau. “I understand, it sometimes frustrates me in part because I wish they would offer sooner. But it also means that they offer 10 more offers to a child who normally offers snowballs. “

20 schools have expressed an interest in Krogh, including five Ivy League schools, and 13 have made offers, according to 247Sports. His first and only Power Five offering is currently in Minnesota, which is why he knew he wanted to get on campus early. But he knows he can get more by traveling to camps.

“I just want to show them extra love because that’s special to me,” said Krogh. “I’ve spoken to Iowa since my first year. It was also special with (offensive) coach (George) Barnett because he offered me when he was in Tulane, so I had already established a relationship. “

The plan goes something like this: The Huxley resident will make his first trip to Iowa State on June 1 and then return home for the night. He’ll be driving to Minnesota on Wednesday morning and spending the afternoon on campus, returning home that evening before getting up early for his first long-distance trip (four or five hours) to Missouri on Thursday. He’ll be driving to Nebraska that evening, staying the night before heading to a morning workout and returning home the next day, only to drive to Iowa City for his final camp.

The rest of the month is open. He could be planning official or unofficial visits to other places he has piqued interest across the country.

“They always have in the back of their mind, ‘Oh my god, it would be a terrible time for him to be hurt’ but Kale doesn’t really stop,” said Krogh’s mother Teri Krogh. “I don’t really think he’s going to worry about that. I find it exciting that he has the opportunity to attend all of these programs in the Midwest. “

Kale is a busy athlete. On Sundays and Wednesdays, he makes the four-hour round-trip drive to North Liberty to train with players from across the state in larger classifications like Andrew Depaepe of Pleasant Valley.

Two weeks ago he was on the track after school, wrestling, basketball and lifting. In addition to his twice-weekly workouts at Strength U. He’s hoping to double down on basketball and wrestling this coming winter, so has already added wrestling training a few weeks in the past.

“I’ve prepared my body pretty well for this,” said Krogh. “I played five basketball games that weekend and then wrestled Monday after school before wrestling, and then squatted and benched PRs on Monday and Tuesday.”

Depaepe, one of Krogh’s training partners at Strength U, also plans to attend eight schools across the country in three weeks, but he’s not making up for lost time. The 2023 class defender has nine Power Five offerings. As a sophomore student, he has never been to a camp and didn’t play college soccer until 2020.

“I didn’t really get any attention until after the football season this year,” said Depaepe. “I got my first offer about a month after the season, and after that I got all of those offers pretty quickly.”

He will be in Wisconsin on June 7th, Michigan on June 13th, Michigan on June 23rd, Missouri on June 23rd, and Washington on June 24th. He will then make unofficial visits to Iowa, Iowa State, and Indiana before deadtime begins June 28th.

Camps are not only important for recruits to get a taste of coaching, but also an opportunity to present themselves that they may not otherwise get. So it’s no surprise they top up their schedules.

“This (dead time) has been pushed back so many times that I don’t know people sure thought it would end on June 1st,” Moreau said. “But for the past three weeks everyone has been very confident that it will continue.”

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