Ja’Marr Chase listed as a Fantasy Soccer Breakthrough Candidate

Former LSU star wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase was reunited with former college quarterback Joe Burrow when the Cincinnati Bengals selected Chase with the fifth overall draft pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

The connection between Burrow and Chase is something very special and LSU fans know it all too well.

What can Bengals fans expect from the duo in 2021? Many believe Chase could have an impressive rookie season with Burrow behind the center.

Eric Frosbutter of the Pro Football Network recently wrote an article breaking down the candidates for a wide receiver breakout in NFL Fantasy Football 2021, and Ja’Marr Chase made the list:

Despite being eliminated from the 2020 season, it was no surprise to see Ja’Marr Chase as the first wide receiver in the 2021 NFL Draft. What surprised some (including me) was that he ended up in Cincinnati when the Bengali had other blatant needs. But while some may be disappointed with the Bengals’ selection of Chase to strict soccer standards, fantasy managers should be delighted.

Chase is now reunited with former college QB Joe Burrow. So we can already skip the entire chemical aspect between the two. In his final season at LSU, Chase had 84 receptions, 1,780 yards and 20 touchdowns. Chase and Burrow were in sync throughout the season, ending it in the best possible way – with a national championship.

The duo are less likely to win in 2021, but this offensive will be fun to watch. Tee Higgins plans to start the Bengals’ WR1 to kick off the season, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if Chase took on that role sooner or later. Chase’s current total ADP of 53.3 reflects this as he’s 20 places ahead of Higgins in fantasy drafts.

While it may seem high to pick a rookie wide receiver in the fifth round, it might feel like a bargain halfway through the season. That’s why Chase is one of the top contenders for a fantasy football breakout WR in 2021.

All rookies take time to get used to the NFL game, including wide receivers.

But will the established connection between Burrow and Chase give Chase an edge in this area? May be.

The first few games will be important, but as the season progresses, I expect Burrow and Chase to rekindle the magic we experienced throughout the 2019 LSU Tigers Championship season.

You won’t find many rookie wide receivers with the perks that Ja’Marr Chase offers, and I’ll try to draw Chase in as many fantasy football leagues as I commit.

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