Joe Mixon Fantasy Soccer Information: Bengals RB to see extra work on third downs

The Cincinnati Bengals let their longtime third defender Giovani Bernard go this off-season and waited until round six to draft a rewind. That back was Michigan’s Chris Evans projected back as the receiver, but no one believes he’s going to have any real impact this season. And even if he or Trayveon Williams are ready to make a huge contribution, offensive coordinator Bryan Callahan believes current starter Joe Mixon will finish third this season, according to ESPN’s Ben Baby.

When asked about third place, Callahan replied, “I don’t want Joe (Mixon) to leave the field and I think he’s up for the challenge.” Last year was a losing year for Mixon, who missed the last ten games with a foot injury. It’s hard to know for sure, but with Joe Burrow’s season the team could have held him back for this year but either way he’s reportedly healthy and ready to go.

When Mixon was healthy last year, he saw a sharp spike in receptions as he scored 3.5 per game and had 14 in his last three games. In 2019, he had an average of just 2.1 receptions per game. I don’t see Mixon as a dynamic receiver like some other third down backs, but it can do the job and Callahan is probably hoping to keep the pace and not have to turn Mixon off during the attack.

Since this doesn’t seem to count as coaching language, as Mixon has already seen a surge in work starts, we should be ready for Mixon to get this bump in fantasy football too. If we extrapolated from last season’s receptions, it would have ended in 16 games with 56 catches. That would have put him in fifth place for a return. We cannot consider him a sleeper as his large workload projections will give him a lot of imagination support, but his advantage is clearly higher than it used to be.

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