Letters: permit viewers to attend highschool soccer video games; Vaccinated individuals shouldn’t must put on masks; Discover a certified candidate for the HART board of administrators

Why Are Team Supporters Denied Access to High School Soccer Games? Given all the audience-friendly spaces that are open for performances and other events, this seems arbitrary.

Outdoor football stadiums meet the definition of outdoor gatherings, which is now limited to 75 people. Stadiums generally have at least two sides of seats, so 150 could attend such events and comply with county guidelines.

Yes, there are restrictions and protocols in place, but that works in both the Waikiki Shell and Blaisdell Center. I’m not sure who made this call. Perhaps our news outlets could learn more details since I haven’t seen any of this in any printed or televised reports.

Barbara Tavares


Vaccinated people shouldn’t have to wear masks

I’m sorry the number of our COVID-19 cases has skyrocketed again, but I am reassured that the hospitals have not been overrun. I have several friends and acquaintances who will not be vaccinated and who change their minds.

The vaccine is easily available to everyone. There has been no discrimination or marginalization against anyone over the age of 12. As far as I know, those of us who are vaccinated have over a 90 percent chance of not contracting COVID-19 and an even better chance of staying away from hospital.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the situation will change. I am now in favor of lifting the mask requirement because I think the majority of us are protected as much as possible and we just won’t convince the others until their families suffer from COVID-19.

Science needs to develop a fast response vaccine, and I think it will. I just don’t think incentives or time will change anyone’s mind. It’s time to move on. To be honest, I wish the unvaccinated the best of luck.

Janice Kim


Tourists pollute Hawaii’s environment

Of course, tourists pollute (“Tourists don’t pollute, support life in Hawaii”, Star Advertiser, Letters, July 26).

They rent thousands of cars which pollute our air and clog our streets. They throw garbage and relieve themselves in places where they are not even supposed to go. They walk around without masks and, what is even more worrying, they are bringing coronavirus to every island and causing the numbers to skyrocket. They destroy the corals and wash unapproved sunscreens into the oceans.

What if we could become an agricultural economy again? That would lead to less pollution.

Carol Williams

Captain Cook, Island of Hawaii

Find a qualified candidate for the HART board of directors

David Shapiro’s column should have appeared in bold on the front page of the newspaper (“Honolulu City Council New Candidate Owes Major Railroad Interest,” Star Advertiser, Volcanic Ash, July 25). How long will the botched rail job last? As Shapiro pointed out, the new nominee for the board of directors of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation has no qualifications for the job.

The city council’s criteria are that a nominee has expertise in areas such as transport operations, construction, financial management, land-use planning or property development. Anthony Aalto is not qualified in any of these areas. He made a film about the railway and received money for it from people interested in the railway. Auwe.

Shirley Hasenyager


Marine can replace both fuel tanks and ships

A recent Defense News article reported a decision by the chief of naval operations, Admiral Michael Gilday, to retire seven cruisers.

“When we recently tried to use a ship and had to bring it back twice due to cracks in the fuel tank, is an example of something we just couldn’t predict but must respond to, and it affects reliability – and us must be able to provide the Secretary of Defense and the President with reliable means they can rely on to do the nation’s business, ”Gilday said.

Shouldn’t the same reasoning apply to the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility? The Navy must immediately start planning to remove the tanks and develop an environmentally friendly alternative.

Paul Casey


Shirokiya, Ala Moana are supposed to solve problems

I am so disappointed with the litigation between Shirokiya and the management of the Ala Moana Center (“Shirokiya is about to go under after centuries of existence,” Star Advertiser, July 28). I understand that the judge ordered mediation in this dispute and I am so grateful for that decision.

I hope the mediation means that the parties involved can still settle their differences and continue to work together for the many small businesses that have depended on their place in Shirokiya and for the many people who enjoy going there.

If the parties cannot imagine the immense financial and PR rewards they would ultimately have if they continued to work together, I hope they take care of the small businesses and the many people who would celebrate a solution to their differences.

Additionally, the parties should recognize that resolving their differences would be of service to the community and visitors.

Jennifer Khiva


Allow companies to tow cars without police

I seem to remember a method that released illegally parked cars some time ago. Easily license towing companies to tow illegally parked cars in certain areas, such as the two-lane Hana Highway, without a police officer being present. It would be very profitable for the tow companies and would solve the problem quickly. You could take photos as evidence of parking violations.

Robin Uyeshiro



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