Marcus Peterson, three-star WR recruit, makes faculty soccer decide

Editor’s Note: Columbia High School aspiring senior wide receiver Marcus Peterson wrote the following first-person story to announce where he will play college football.

The 6-foot-2,210-pound Peterson is a three-star recruit and the No. 103 player in the state of Florida on the 247Sports Composite rankings. He has received more than 30 offers including Cincinnati, Florida State, Pittsburgh and UCF.

Peterson made 1,128 yards of the overall offensive, caught a team high with seven touchdown passes, and tied for the team lead with six touchdown passes and four roaring touchdowns.

Basketball has always been my first love.

Since I was in sixth grade, it was my favorite sport. I like everything about it – people dip and post, shoot 3s. All of it.

It was my first time diving in my eighth grade. it was wonderful. We were playing a scrimmage game and I caught it on a quick break and dipped it in.

It was really last year when I started playing football in earnest.

People kept telling me that I had a lot of talent and that I couldn’t let it go. I decided to just go out there and be someone.

I used to play soccer. I played Pop Warner. But it was just something I did to do it.

Last year it felt natural to be on the soccer field.

It was pretty cool for me to play so many positions last year. It was exhausting, but it was a lot of fun.

Wide Receiver is definitely my favorite place. Having DBs trying to guard me because they know they can’t guard me. I just had fun out there scoring touchdowns.

Some schools recruited me to play wide receivers and others wanted to play tight end. I am not a close end. I tell every coach who offers me as a tight end that I haven’t played tight end in all of my years I’ve played, so I just wasn’t interested in recruiting myself as a tight end.

The recruiting process was insane. There are sure to be positive things. It’s good because you can get deals and go anywhere in the country. But it is difficult when you get calls one by one, and then get SMS one after the other. There have been many times my phone just exploded. It was stressful and I’m glad that I am now committed.

I want to thank my coaches, my family, my mother and father and my friends for the support they have given me and just being there for me. My parents helped me a lot with this process, they just talked to me about everything.

I am excited to announce that I will bring my talents to the University of Cincinnati.

Columbia High School wide receiver Marcus Peterson has signed up to the University of Cincinnati.

When they offered me up, the trainers would beat me up and check me out every day. The coaches are good guys and the atmosphere is relaxed. It was very important to me that this month I could attend schools that interested me. I had to visit the school in person to see if I really wanted to go there.

Cincinnati is a long way from home so I can get my mind off things and just play soccer. It’s the grind mode.

It also helped that one of my former teammates, Marquez Bell, is there and had a good time there.

He kept it real to me – how the coach will be, how things will go there. it just made me comfortable.

I am ready to go

I am a bear cat.

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