May an LSU QB goal be the primary school soccer millionaire?

The entire landscape in the entire university sport has changed dramatically within a few days. College football athletes in particular have been on the forefront, and many took the opportunity to promote their name, brand, and financial well-being.

2023 five-star QB recruit Arch Manning is one of the most popular names in all of college football.

Could he become the highest-paid college athlete in history?

Business analyst Darren Rovell recently appeared on the Dan Patrick Show and said something that really caught my attention.

Rovell said it wouldn’t be far-fetched if Arch Manning became a millionaire after graduating from high school.

“Arch Manning, I could imagine making $ 10 million as a freshman in college.”

– @DarrenRovell joined us to discuss the NCAA-NIL rules

For Darren’s full appearance:

– Dan Patrick Show (@dpshow) July 1, 2021

“Arch Manning, I could imagine making $ 10 million as a freshman in college … anyone who’s had Peyton and Eli will want to sign him … when you say, ‘Who’s the guy that comes in and that thing in the air hunts? ‘ That’s the guy I’m thinking of. But he still has two years. “

Since the NIL rules became official on July 1, many college athletes have benefited from these new opportunities – and rightly so.

The question is, who will be the first to reach this millionaire status?

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