Measuring the success of Bulldogs amid the seismic shift in school soccer

College football is in the midst of a massive off-season overhaul resulting from the COVID-19 lockdown.

Recruiting activities resumed June 1st amid a landscape that has an NCAA-approved one-time transfer rule and pending NIL laws for paying players.

The latest breakthrough is to expand the College Football Playoffs from four to twelve teams as early as 2023.

Like no other before, trainers, administrators and programs had to adjust to a seismic shift and adjust quickly.

Georgia Football has been a national championship contender for the past four seasons, making it into the top 10 each year and taking part in the SEC Championship Game three times.

The Bulldogs were fine as they are – or should we say as they were.

But as UGA sports director Josh Brooks likes to say when quoting New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell: “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”

Here’s a stock report on how Georgia is doing, how it goes with and hugging off-season changes.

Stock explosion

Georgia football building

The number of talented recruits pouring in and out of the Bulldogs’ new $ 80 million soccer building in June was illuminating, but so were the ratings from the players.

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“The Lamborghini seats in the changing room. The snack bar. The recreation center. You have everything you can imagine…. You have a really cool hyperbaric chamber…. They had this massage chair that shot up water to massage you ”- Justice Haynes, 2023 RB Roswell.

“In there you can train every single muscle in your body. They said if you still need something they don’t have, they get it. It’s crazy. The technology …. The weight room is just gigantic. They have these buttons that they can use to light up the entire weight room in red. ”- Oscar Delp, 2022 TE Cumming

Name-picture similarity

Georgia is one of five states with NIL legislation pending July 1, but at least five current athletes have been identified as potential brand ambassadors.

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Golfer Trent Phillips, track star Matthew Boling, baseball star Connor Tate and soccer players Brock Vandagriff and Jack Podlesny are expected to be approached by Onward Reserve.

It’s a great advertisement for the brand, of course, but it also highlights these young men and the fact that Georgia athletes will be among the first to benefit from the law signed by Governor Brian Kemp on May 6th

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Stock up

Expansion of the college football playoffs

Georgia was well positioned to make the four-team college football playoff in terms of playing for the SEC title in three of their last four seasons. The SEC championship game winner has made it into the CFP every year, giving the Bulldogs the advantage of taking their own fate into their own hands.

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Most of the process was more subjective, and Georgia didn’t benefit from the top four guideline like Alabama in 2018. The CFP selection committee changes its members, just as it changes its selection criteria, an unclear process.

However, the proposed expansion to 12 teams would work heavily in Georgia’s favor in that the Bulldogs have made it with the proposed format for the past four years.

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Georgia seems to be one of the programs better suited for a deeper playoff run with the depth of quality built up through the recruiting.


Georgia coach Kirby Smart has said it goes without saying that if he has continued success he will lose staff, and the loss of former graduate assistant Nick Williams to Texas A&M has caused an off-season wave.

Smart has responded by increasing its support staff with the hiring of aspiring David Cooper and former linebacker Juwan Taylor.

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Cooper spent a brief stint in Louisville after a successful run with Florida, while Taylor will bring his positive attitude and charisma to the position of Player Development Assistant.

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Even stocks

Preseason All-Star Teams

As political and subjective as the postseason All-American and All-Star teams can be, the preseason versions are even more so.

Are they selected based on the top return performers? Or will the players be selected based on their predictions for the upcoming season?

It appears that the earlier principle was applied to the Walter Camp All-American team since it has George Pickens on the second team. This despite the fact that Pickens tore his cruciate ligament in March and will miss at least the first month of the season and probably the second as well.

Georgia has many other All-Star candidates along with the three others who made the camp’s second-team All-American list with Pickens (Jamaree Salyer, Jordan Davis, Jake Camarda).

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