Michigan pays New Mexico $ 1.eight million, CMU $ 1.5 million for future soccer video games

A couple of recently added football games outside of the conference in 2025 will cost the University of Michigan’s sports department more than $ 3 million, according to records.

Michigan will pay the University of New Mexico $ 1.8 million and nearby Central Michigan University $ 1.5 million for the games, both of which will be set in Ann Arbor four years from now. This is evident from contracts the university received for public records at the request of MLive.

The game against New Mexico, scheduled for August 30, 2025, the official season opener, was officially signed on March 30. Under the contract, Michigan is expected to pay out in three separate installments: $ 300,000 by March 31, 2022, $ 500,000 by March 31, 2024, and $ 1 million by March 31, 2026.

Meanwhile, CMU – the Mount Pleasant-based school that has played four times in Michigan, the last time in 2013 – is receiving a lump sum payment of $ 1.5 million for the game on September 13, 2025 at Michigan Stadium. The school has been aggressive with soccer planning in recent years, a common tactic used to generate income for the school-sponsored sports department.

The Chippewas are currently being trained by Jim McElwain, a former assistant from Michigan.

The terms of each agreement are similar in scope, with game cancellation fees being equal to the amount of the guaranteed prize, a set number of free tickets for each school attending (300 for New Mexico, 400 for CMU), and a requirement on the Big Ten officials Conference officiate the game.

Interestingly, a medical testing clause in the match contract with the CMU requires that the Chippewas football team “pass any pre-competition tests for infectious viruses or other diseases according to Big Ten standards” at their own expense. There is no clause in the contract with New Mexico.

New Mexico and CMU round out Michigan’s non-conference schedule for 2025, a three-game plan that includes an intermediate road trip to Oklahoma.

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