Michigan soccer video games make the checklist of essentially the most controversial video games

If you’re a soccer fan in Michigan you already know that the Wolverines are rarely on the lucky side when it comes to winning close soccer games. From Kordell Stewart Hail Mary to trouble with the snap against rivals MSU, Mais and Blue always seem to find creative ways to lose.

But it’s not always a talented or unconventional game that stall Michigan in the end.

247Sports looked at the top 10 most controversial college football games since 2000, and the first game mentioned was the infamous Spartan Bob fiasco in 2001 when Michigan football appeared to have won the game. before the extension was added on the clock which enabled TJ Duckett to fell the corn and blues.

The Michigan-Michigan State rivalry streak has produced many memorable competitions, although the 2001 inter-school meeting is best remembered for the controversy that arose during the Spartans’ last ride against the No. 4 Wolverines. In a highly competitive game, Michigan took a 20-yard touchdown pass from John Navarre to Jermaine Gonzales with a 24-20 lead, 5 minutes before the game. Then, with Michigan State taking a trip to its own end zone to regain the lead and win the game, the teams traded punts on the next two drives before the Spartans got the ball back in their hands one last time with just over two Minutes on the music box.

And this music box, as fate would have it, she would not soon forget. Michigan State continued to work its way down slowly but surely, eventually finding itself within the Michigan 5-yard line with just a single second on the clock for a spike. But the 0:01 on the scoreboard did not come without debate as Michigan coaches, players and even TV networks claimed that music box operator Bob Stehlin – known locally as “Spartan Bob” – generously stopped the clock before the top of the previous game actually occured. Michigan State would score in that final game when Jeff Smoker completed a 2-yard touchdown pass to TJ Duckett, giving Michigan State a 26-24 win. Even so, debates continue to this day about who really won “Clockgate,” and events even prompted the Big Ten to introduce conference-appointed clock operators from 2002 onwards.

But certainly this is not the one that is fresh or almost as painful for those who love the winged helmet. Three words seem to ring out as a battle cry for years after the incident.

JT was short.

Of course, the 2016 iteration of The Game – where quarterback JT Barrett appeared to be stopped at the finish line to get fourth down in overtime before officials granted him first down – is a controversial moment for Michigan football fans, even still. Equally monstrous, but unmentioned, were the calls that preceded this game: a pass interference call in the fourth quarter to Delano Hill in the fourth quarter, although the ball was unassailable; and the unauthorized passing disruption in previous overtime possession, which wideout Grant Perry was addicted to.

Michigan fans will forever tell you that JT Barrett’s forward thrust was stopped just before the first down marker, while Ohio State fans never doubted for a moment that their caller was the distance before Curtis Samuel made his way into it Win the end zone for the 30:27. That crucial 4th and 1st double overtime game, which ultimately fell in favor of Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes as they needed a conversion to stay alive, will forever be what the 2016 iteration of “The Game “saw – one that saw No. 2 goes against No. 3 with a playoff bid essentially on the line – is reminded.

Though Ohio State finished second in its division thanks to a regular season loss at Penn State, the Buckeyes still took number 3 in the playoff that year during both Michigan’s Big Ten title drought and the team in the series with his Arch-rivals slipped were extended for another year. To date, Michigan has not won Columbus since 2000 and has not prevailed in the series since 2011.

Of the 247Sports list of 10 games, Ohio State was the benefactor in two of those games, proving the Buckeyes are on the opposite spectrum than the Wolverines. Not only did the 2016 game go in favor of the OSU, but also the 2002 national championship game. The Ohio State round of the 2019 College Football Playoffs semifinals against Clemson was one case in which the Buckeyes saw officials turn against them .

Michigan was the only team that made the list twice and ended up on the calls both times.

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